Seyi Adewole

DTT Leader — Spatial Justice

Seyi Adewole graduated from the LSA in 2019 with a distinction. Her thesis project explored how cities like London can better accommodate those displaced by crises and the networks required to aid their transition. During the inter-practice year Seyi worked at Penoyre & Prasad. During this year she wrote her manifesto, ‘A Seat at the Table’, which explored how architectural education, practice and the wider profession could take an intersectional approach to being more representative of the society it serves.

Seyi now works at DSDHA where she has been able to continue to explore the agency of the architect and how architecture can be used to empower others. Seyi will be co-running the 2020 Design Think Tank, Social Justice, with colleagues from DSDHA. The Design Think Tank will explore architecture’s complicity in increasing inequality and how it can be used to work towards a more equitable future.