Robert Buss


After graduating from the University of Bath some years ago Robert worked at a number of practices in London: MJP Architects, Stanton Williams and Karakusevic Carson. His professional practice has encompassed a range of sectors and approaches within housing, masterplannning, railway stations and workplaces, among other things.

Robert has worked on several competitions and small projects alone and in partnership with Kalpana Gurung, under the pseudonym Studio Hoopla. Through this work he has explored his own approach to architectural design as well as the ways architecture can and should formulate the big questions that make a difference to the society and the environment we share.  After a short foray into the world of street food he decided it was time to get on with the task of becoming qualified. He has recently joined Wimshurst Pelleriti as part of the Global Currents Design Think Tank to continue with his studies at the LSA.