Nigel Coates

Founding & Current Chair of the Academic Court

Nigel is a celebrated British architect and designer. His subversive spirit first came to public attention in 1984 when he founded NATO (Narrative Architecture Today) as both architecture group and eponymous magazine. With his first architectural commission in Japan in 1985, he founded Branson Coates Architecture. His portfolio includes the Geffrye Museum in London and the Body Zone in the Millennium Dome.

From 1995 to 2011 Nigel was head of the Department of Architecture at the Royal College of Art. He is currently RCA Professor Emeritus. He has published numerous books including: Guide to Ecstacity (Laurence King, 2003); Collidoscope (Laurence King, 2004); and Narrative Architecture (Wiley, 2012).

In 2012 he was premiated with the Annie Spink Award recognising his outstanding contribution to architectural education. In 2006 he established his own London studio; the Bloomsbury headquarters combines architectural laboratory, showroom and gallery.