Aarandeep Sian


Aarandeep is of Punjabi origin, born in Leicester. They completed their undergraduate studies at the Sheffield School of Architecture. Aarandeep’s work and research focuses on spatial justice, particularly at the intersection of race, diaspora and queerness. They believe in decolonising and dismantling the design process as a whole to be more collaborative, disruptive and intersectional.

Aarandeep works freelance as an illustrator and has worked on mental health campaigns for Punjabi communities and trauma-based charities. Aarandeep has also started a collaborative illustration project, representing and connecting Queer South Asian folx through interviews and illustrations, as well as producing artwork for activist QTIBPOC collective organisations.

Outside of design, Aarandeep is an astrologer who does birth chart readings and loves long-distance travel.