Nadja Swarovski

Founding Patron

Nadja is a member of the Swarovski Executive Board at the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, which was founded by her great-great-grandfather Daniel Swarovski in 1895 in Austria.

Her career at the family business started in the mid-1990s, when she began showcasing Swarovski’s vast product range to the fashion, jewellery, architecture, lighting and home décor industries, encouraging designers to experiment with crystal’s creative potential. This laid the foundations for a series of collaborative relationships with exceptional design talents, which have established her as one of the 21st century’s most significant patrons of design.

Nadja is Chairperson of Swarovski Entertainment, and also oversees Swarovski’s Global Corporate Responsibility efforts. Consolidating Swarovski’s long-term commitment to charitable giving, she established the Swarovski Foundation to support projects that foster creativity and culture, meet social needs and promote wellbeing, and conserve natural resources.