Linda Malaeb


Linda is originally from Lebanon but raised in Milan, Italy and The Hague, Netherlands prior to moving to the UK, where she studied at the University of Kent. She worked at John McAslan and Partners and Cullinan Studio for a few years and as part of her LSA Placement year.

At the LSA Linda explored topics ranging from urban strategies focusing on increasing connections and activities around the Olympic Park, to her interest in improving London’s Nighttime Culture. Linda’s Design Think Tank focused on the analysis of the lives of boaters along the River Lea and how we can learn from those who live with less, share with many and live closer to nature.

Her thesis ‘Whole Habitat’ developed from community engagement workshops with a Community Land Trust in Waltham Forest into designing one building that acts as a place of home for many. The aim of the thesis to achieve a collective sense of belonging came from her belief that housing in London should address the whole, rather than focus on the singular unit; to be able to all feel at home and embrace the great diversities present in our living environment. 

Linda is a food enthusiast and enjoys learning about different cultures and languages. She also has a great passion for music, specifically jazz, and stage design.