Ivo Pery


Ivo is passionate about socially responsible architecture. While at the LSA he has gained experience in several different areas, however, has used the opportunity to dig deeper into the social issues affecting our cities.

His thesis project, ‘Finding the Hidden Homeless,’ proposed a mixed-use development with a shelter at its heart which aims to alleviate social and economic strain by establishing new connections within communities. He believes that by mixing different user groups together it is possible to create positive social interactions which in turn will act as drivers for change.

Ivo completed his Part I studies at Newcastle University where he first developed an interest in the social impact of design and defensive architecture, looking at the ways cities are designed to control and curb specific behavioural trends.

Following this, Ivo worked at a couple of small practices before moving to Grimshaw where he has been for more than three years. Working beneath Andrew Thomas, and then Kirsten Lees, he’s gained valuable experience on a wide range of projects and sectors, including residential, transport infrastructure, sports and arts.

Ivo is now excited by the prospect of aligning future working opportunities with his particular research interests, striving towards a socially sustainable future.