Fruzsi Karig


For her undergraduate, Fruzsi studied architecture at the University of Cambridge. There, she became heavily involved in the student-run Architecture Society and curated two end-of-year shows in London, also designing the central installations for the events.

After graduation, she became a project manager and construction manager at Hello Wood in Hungary. Through her work at Hello Wood and as a freelancer, Fruzsi has taken part in and led building projects across Hungary, UK, Mexico, Japan, Ukraine and the USA. In 2017 her design won the competition to become Project Master at Beam Camp in the USA. 

During her masters at the LSA, she worked for Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners developing a modular construction method for council housing across the UK. Her masters thesis ‘Life in the Making’ looked at high-density self-build as a way to live a sustainable urban life through personal autonomy. Her most recent endeavours include designing interactive theatre sets for kids on the autism spectrum and managing a post-apocalyptic large-scale immersive art show addressing the climate crisis.

When she is not making something out of timber, Fruzsi enjoys travelling, playing football, dancing the tango, going to music festivals and baking bread.