• Loader Monteith

    At the core of our practice is the belief that architectural education should be accessible to all. Our director Iain Monteith engaged in architectural part-time education for over a decade whilst working in practice and as such we fully appreciate the opportunities that this method of education can provide and the dedication it requires.

    This is why our practice fully supports the LSA’s approach to provide the opportunity of architectural education to people from all walks of life. We believe that diversity helps shape the profession, allowing us to be truly representative and responsive to the challenges facing society, both locally and globally.

    As a practice we are actively engaged in architectural education through tutoring and lecturing at various educational institutions, and by joining with the LSA Practice Network we look forward to expanding our engagement throughout the UK.

    Our work is diverse and responds to a variety of factors. At the core of our work is a desire to produce architecture that is truly responsive to both user and context. Focussing on understanding the needs and requirements of our users allows us to form a truly bespoke solution. This is combined with our consideration of the physical environment and appropriate construction methodologies allowing us to determine the most suitable approach to project delivery. Many of our projects focus on ‘reuse’, either through site and materials, or through conservation and restoration. We seek to maximise the potential of opportunities to work with existing buildings and materials in order to extend the life and narrative of fabric and form.

  • Sybarite

    Sybarite is a global architectural and design studio leading the evolving world of experiential culture in retail and hospitality.

    A meeting of minds, Torquil McIntosh and Simon Mitchell set out with a shared expansive creative vision for luxury retail in 2002. Now, 21 years later, the London-based studio has achieved some 2,800 projects to date globally. Projects range from micro to macro – be it a perfume bottle, a retail roll out, a department store or a mixed-use masterplan, among which includes Marni global flagship stores, Ferrari Ready-To-Wear flagship stores, the Moët & Chandon Champagne Bar at Harrods (LVMH), and mostly renowned SKP and SKP-S in Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, with more in the pipeline to be disclosed in the future.

    The most recent project that launched in January 2023 was SKP Chengdu, this has led the way for a new blueprint in mixed-use retail and hospitality for the future.

    The studio is built on a culture that celebrates collaboration, develops creativity, and strives for innovation. Embracing 360-degree approach to all areas of design and architecture and everything that holistically bolts on in-between is what motivates the team of 90+ architects, interior designers, visualisers, graphic designers, branders, product designers and marketeers.



    WeChat: @Sybarite