The Practice Network is a community of London practices – of all shapes, sizes and specialisms – along with industry partners, who support the LSA and its mission. Membership offers you an opportunity to provide ongoing support to the LSA and its core charitable objectives and strategic aims. It also provides a stake in shaping its future development.

Engagement with the LSA is a reciprocal proposition, providing value and return through access to a programme of events and, in time, a platform of digital resources, as well as collaborative opportunities with students and young people through our access and outreach work, alongside brand and values alignment.

The Practice Network provides a vital support for our community. It enables stability and provides resource as the school scales up its mission to widen access and participation in architectural architecture, deploying design as a transformative force to generate innovations that deliver more sustainable lives in cities. It drives forward our mission to unite Academia and Practice, strengthening our model of work-based, affordable learning, with mentorship and collaboration through the Student Placement and delivery of our Programmes, in particular the Part 2.

Together we form a coalition of socially-engaged, ethically-minded, and action-oriented businesses, organisations and institutions readying to tackle the major social and environmental challenges that we face. We are a network of practitioners, learners, educators, and researchers, bridging the gap between academia and practice. We count among our number architectural practices of all sizes and disciplines – including start-ups, micro-practices, SMEs and large practices – and, increasingly, business and organisations in the wider built environment sector.

This kind of network is vital as professional practice continues to develop rapidly: knowledge of new materials and processes; skills in demonstrating social value and furthering diversity and inclusivity; maintaining professional competence for the ARB and RIBA, and mastering specialisms. There are more demands on practice than ever before and we want to build a Network that keeps you – and vitally, our students and learners – at the vanguard.

Unlike older and larger membership organisations, we are built on Collective Peer Development: on sharing knowledge, skills and experience to drive up and maintain competency and quality in ways that work for you. Join us in shaping a new coalition of practices and partners to advocate for and effect real change across the built environment sector.


The Practice Network operates through a flexible and open Practice Forum. Facilitated by the LSA, it contributes to forging strategic direction of our academic programmes, engagement with students and learners, advocates for our community, and develops programmes and initiatives for the wider benefit of professional practice.

The Practice Forum shapes content for what will become our Practice Platform, a digital hub of knowledge, opinion, resources and exchange, and it drives our Practice Programme of practice-led CPD, guest talks, workshops, roundtables and – in time – research initiatives and tools that create the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with peers, students and people from the wider built environment sector.

To find out more about engaging and supporting the LSA, contact our Engagement Manager, John Nahar (

We’re especially grateful to our founding supporters who played – and continue to play – such a fundamental role in the LSA’s success.

Founding Practices:
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM)
Foster + Partners
PDP London
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Scott Brownrigg
Allies and Morrison

Founding Partners: