Xenia Adjoubei

First Year Tutor

Xenia specialises in design and research in areas of culture, architecture and urbanism. She works between London and Moscow and leads an education and research centre in the largest Art Park in Europe, the Nikola-Lenivets Classroom, which is a centre for research and education on the new rural condition and collective craft practices.

Xenia is lead researcher in the Global Free Unit, which is a network for education through live projects in contexts of rapid economic and political change, such as refugee and migration crises. She helped found the Moscow School of Architecture, MARCH, where she was lead tutor for five years.

Xenia runs the Moscow office of AdjoubeiScottWhitby Studio, an architecture practice with projects in culture, public realm and education. Her curatorial projects cover topics such as The Virtual Museum, Degrowth: Architecture Povera, The New Rural: designing a contemporary village and Art as Labour: physical labour and craft in a post-work future.