Calven Lee


Calven graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2016, with a First Class MEng in Architecture and Environmental Design. He returned as a weekly-visiting graduate tutor for a year following his Part 1 graduation. 

Calven has since been working in London, gaining experience from both Mobile Studio Architects and HUT Architecture. He has worked on a variety of London-based residential and office projects that focus on environmental impact, public space research and occupant comfort

During his time at the LSA, Calven has been investigating London’s green and blue spaces. His thesis project, London City Reservoir, looks into the importance of the water cycle to cater for London’s future freshwater capacity. As the city becomes a megacity (with a population over 10 million within the next 15 years) freshwater resources will become increasingly difficult to manage. The proposal aims to mediate between water infrastructure and robust architecture on the River Lea, via the construction of a new river cut and institute for water education.