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Waugh Thistleton Architects

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Waugh Thistleton was established in 1997. Nineteen years on we have established an international reputation for our beautiful buildings.

We are dedicated to designing buildings that acknowledge their environmental impact and are deeply engaged with modern technologies for building in wood, particularly Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).  Since completing the landmark ‘Stadthaus’ project on Murray Grove in 2008, we have become world leaders in delivering CLT buildings demonstrating that this technology, originally developed for alpine huts, can support buildings across all scales and complexities.

Designing buildings that are inherently sustainable by virtue of their construction allows us to also address context, scale, form and proportion in our work without submitting to the clichés of ‘hair shirt’ sustainability. Having established the use of these modern technologies in housing we are now intent on doing the same for the commercial sector.

Dalston Lane (credit: Daniel Shearing)