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vPPR Architects was set up in 2009 by Tatiana von Preussen, Catherine Pease and Jessica Reynolds, and is an award-winning practice known for bold designs that work intelligently in complex locations. Inspired by design from both the UK and the US, we believe that architecture can and should be brave through simple, honest clarity, while still responding to local history and context. We design buildings that find opportunities in constraints, responding with elegant yet striking forms that playfully negotiate between private and communal spaces.

We work at home and abroad on projects that range from urban masterplans to private houses, from the cultural to the commercial. We find that universal principles can be applied across sectors, helping to reinvent building types to suit modern life. Housing is a passion and we not only deliver projects but also speak publicly on the subject and have been featured in major national exhibitions.

The studio operates under the belief in the continual crossover between art and architecture, seeking creative solutions that strengthen communities, no matter how large or small. Our work has received critical acclaim, as well as a number of awards for both the practice and our projects. We are immersed in the design community, creating installations and teaching at some of the most prestigious schools in the country.

Redchurch Street.