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The idea of reducing a design to its purest, most rational form has never really appealed. Material imperfections, happy accidents of the design process or traces of the maker can become the real beauty of the project. Our work seeks a balance between Modernist ideals of pure space and light, and a more poetic form of architecture which has a sensibility towards texture, historic fabric, and place.

Often we find ourselves negotiating, and embracing, complex relationships between new and old techniques to arrive at buildings that are generous in detail and strong in form.

We spend time carefully interweaving poetic and pragmatic considerations to create designs with narrative, integrity, and commercial clarity.

As a studio we have adopted digital production and custom fabrication as a way to be more experimental and expressive with the design process. We deliver projects in collaboration with a growing network of craftspeople, suppliers, fabricators, and makers who share our curiosity and sense of experimentation.

Turnmill, Clerkenwell.