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PARTI was founded by Eleanor Hill and Tom Leahy, who worked together for 10 years prior to forming the studio. Both Eleanor and Tom studied together at the University of Cambridge, the Royal College of Art, and the Architectural Association. Alongside PARTI, Eleanor and Tom are practice mentors and school-wide critics at the Royal College of Art, and practice mentors and Ambassadors of the London School of Architecture.

PARTI produces efficient well-crafted architecture that is intelligent, beautiful and rigorously sustainable.

The studio is an architecture and design practice that expands the traditional role of designer with longer-term involvement in projects – from disruptive brief creation to post-occupancy programming. The studio was founded to design better objects, building and cities – providing solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues, using a collaborative, explorative and research-based design method. In addition to private residential work, the studio is working on a number of significant projects in the UK and overseas. This includes a hotel in Australia, a mixed use scheme in California, and a large range of residential projects in the UK.

Rydon Street