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Orms is an award-winning architecture and design practice based in Shoreditch, London.

We seek to elevate the human experience through insight, collaboration, and design integrity. Spirited, yet controlled, we approach each project with experience and confidence. In this way, we build architecture that is considered and wholly effective. We bring meaningful solutions to urban life, creating modern structures of clarity, beauty, and vigour, delivering a real and positive impact on people’s lives.

We believe that true innovation is in the fusion of form and method. So, we listen – to clients, to each other, and to the individuals that will live, love and work in our buildings. This insight informs our process, it is embedded into our designs, and realised in our structures.

We start conversations, to inform and encourage debate, ensuring every voice is heard. In so doing, we hope to improve the public perception of architecture, and demonstrate that buildings do make a difference.

We create an architecture that listens.

Uppingham School Science Centre (credit: Kilian O’Sullivan)