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Strategic Partner

Housed in the basement of Somerset House – where the LSA has its headquarters – Makerversity is an international community of pioneering maker businesses. The LSA has an institutional membership that gives our Second Year students access to an unrivalled range of studio, event and fabrication spaces and prototyping tools, including:


  • Manual Workshop, which has a range of machines, hand tools, workbenches and componentry, and half-bed CNC machine. Run and managed by an in-house technician, the workshop is a space where members make a mess, get their hands dirty and bring their ideas to life.
  • Digital Workshop, which provides a clean space for digital production and fabrication. It has a range of in-house technicians to advise and support on projects.
  • Textile Workshop, which has a range of machines to get next season’s garments ready for delivery.
  • Photo Studio that provides photography equipment for product shots or films.
  • Sound Studio, which is run and managed by sound designers and composers Cassini Sound.
  • Assembly space, which is a flexible, open space which can be used for project building and finishing, as well as providing temporary materials storage for large scale projects. The facility can also be block booked for longer design and build projects both by members and third parties.

Makerversity is on a mission to build and run awesome spaces for professional makers, which combine co-working space with clean and messy workshop space, machines and tools. Through their spaces they bring together people with all kinds of creative and technical expertise to work together, play together and inspire each other.

Assembly Space at Makerversity
Manual workshop at Makerversity