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London Metropolitan University

Strategic Partner

Successful graduates from the LSA programme will be awarded a Diploma in Designing Architecture by our Academic Partner, London Metropolitan University, whom we chose to validate our programme as we felt that we shared many core values with The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design (The Cass).

At the forefront of contemporary developments in architecture, The Cass has a powerful academic agenda with a particular emphasis on the relevance of design within contemporary culture. The teaching programmes offered are innovative yet relevant to the needs of contemporary graduates. Its staff are drawn from some of London’s best architecture practices.

London Metropolitan University enjoys close
 links with the individuals and organisations shaping London and with them undertakes collaborative projects. As well as engaging with live projects locally, its students and staff work in areas 
subject to change across the globe. It is a uniquely cosmopolitan community, whose students bring with them many different types of background, qualifications, experiences and cultures.

The Cass is actively involved in initiatives that explore ways in which under-represented groups can gain greater access to the art, architecture and design professions and see this as a priority if practitioners are to be capable of answering the needs of all members of society. The Cass seeks to value and empower students who want to do something positive with their skills – find opportunities to create, build, teach and write; to win competitions or clients; make a team or a policy; devise clever innovations or harness the will of a community.

MA Architecture student Johan Dehlin proposes this primary school which re-uses a car park in Shoreditch