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Jo Cowen Architects

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We are design-led, bringing an innovative, rigorous and experiential approach to every project. Our solutions are always specific to the client, brief and site; we will design and deliver the best possible outcome for all three. Every project, every scheme, every masterplan we create is a unique response to the community and environment in which it is set, a creative solution that is at once new and perfectly fitting. In all our work, sustainability is key. For us, it’s not a buzz word, it’s a core principle.

Taking a development idea from the page to a deliverable outcome requires clarity of thought and creative vision. There are risks and opportunities in every project; we identify these and weigh them against the core objectives to present the best solution. We are known for our ability to take the long view, to ensure that what we deliver will be sustainable and lasting. Our other strength is planning; knowledge and skill in this area is essential in any development, and here we are industry leaders.