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Interrobang is an architecture and engineering studio within Webb Yates Engineers. Founded in 2015, Interrobang’s mission is to make extraordinary contributions to our built environment though a genuinely transdisciplinary design process.

We believe in brave gestures, plucky underdogs and old heroes from deep history. We have an alchemical approach to materials, revelling in their delicious properties and potentials. We strive for exuberant mathematical beauty, glorious solutions to difficult questions, and a grand adventure for all involved.

Interrobang has the capacity and expertise of a safe pair of hands, with the nimble imagination of a hot young design studio. Founding directors Maria Smith, Steve Webb and Andy Yates are joined by associate Matthew Dalziel. Between them they have extensive experience delivering projects for public, private and commercial clients across arts, culture, housing, offices, health, public realm and infrastructure.

Ecology of colour, Maria Smith (Studio Weave) (credit: Jim Stephenson)