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Farrells are internationally recognised architect planners. We have designed award-winning buildings and masterplans throughout the world for over half a century.

Our specialism is high quality, mixed-use urban complexes, often based around transport interchanges. We are responsive, imaginative and skilled in design and have a passion for environmental sustainability, using resources wisely and creating resilient communities.

We believe architecture and building design should always be informed by the context and ‘place’.  We work collaboratively and our designers engage with the evolution, layering and everyday use of a place, starting with the big picture into the detail design and through construction.

We have an unrivalled track record in influencing public policy. The Farrell Review of Architecture, commissioned by the UK Government, was described by the Culture Minister as ‘the most thorough and wide-ranging exercise that has taken place in this sector for generations.’

Gatwick Airport proposal