• 5th Studio

    5th Studio is a unique spatial design agency, working across the fields of architecture, urban design, infrastructure and landscape. We work with our clients and commissioners to create beauty and enduring value from complex situations.

  • Ackroyd Lowrie

    Ackroyd Lowrie is an innovative architectural practice committed to delivering high quality, bespoke spaces for our clients. Our studio is known for design excellence and focus on effective delivery for our clients. Our studio is known for design excellence in residential and commercial sectors. The practice is led by Jon Ackroyd and Oliver Lowrie whom both have extensive experience designing and delivering award winning schemes. Ackroyd Lowrie are currently working on a wide range of projects in the UK across the residential and commercial sector.

  • acme

    ACME was established in 2007 in London. The practice operates in the fields of contemporary architecture, urban planning, interior design and product design – working with private, corporate and public clients. We are an international practice with offices in London, Berlin, and Melbourne and have fostered a community of staff of a multitude of different nationalities.

    ACME strives to create outstanding projects, to enjoy what we do and to work profitably and sustainably. Employees at ACME are active stakeholders in the business, with a share in the profits and are invited to contribute to its future. We value collaborative working and flat hierarchies to engender a strong sense of ownership, entitlement and responsibility amongst our employees and to foster a vibrant and egalitarian office environment that attracts the highest talent.

  • Aedas

    Aedas is the world’s only local and global architecture and design practice driven by global sharing of research, local knowledge and international practice. Our 1,400 creative minds with design studios across the globe create world-class design solutions with deep social and cultural understanding of the communities we design for.

    We are diverse by design. Aedas brings together expertise from across the world. Each project includes designers that understand and respect the social and cultural needs of the local community they are designing for.

    Above everything we place creativity and creative thinking. We provide an inspiring environment to our most talented designers to deliver solutions that create a positive impact in the communities they are intended for. We never stop pushing boundaries, implementing the latest innovation and technical expertise in every new project we undertake – wherever we work in the world.

  • AHR

    AHR is a multi-award winning architecture and building consultancy practice, with a legacy dating back to 1835, operating in the UK and internationally. AHR offers a distinctive model providing exceptional benefit to our clients. Through our multi-service, multi-sector and multi-geographical nature, we are able to provide value that goes beyond what is typically delivered.

    Our multi-service approach, offering architecture, building consultancy, masterplanning, geomatic consultancy, interior design, landscape design, BIM consultancy and principal designer services ensures a connected outlook, allowing us to utilise shared knowledge across the practice.

    Our multi-sector nature, working across residential, education, infrastructure, civic, office and workplace, healthcare, technology and industrial, leisure, hospitality and retail provides a breadth of experience, including understanding of the commercial drivers bringing the specialist knowledge required to deliver the client’s vision.

  • AL_A

    AL_A is the award-winning architecture practice founded by the RIBA Stirling Prize-winning architect Amanda Levete with Directors Ho-Yin Ng, Alice Dietsch and Maximiliano Arrocet.

    Since its formation in 2009, AL_A has refined an intuitive and strategic approach to design. Collaborating with ambitious and visionary clients, we develop designs that are conceptualised as urban projects not just buildings and projects that express the identity of an institution, a city or a nation.

  • Alan Baxter

    Alan Baxter is a broadly-based design-led consultancy operating within the built environment.

    We are 120 strong with a fee turnover of £8.0 million. Our professional work is underpinned by our financial health and our ownership structure which protects our independence.

    All of our design work and advice starts with a thorough and detailed understanding of the brief, the project constraints and related issues. We research sites and buildings. We understand their evolution, context and history. We draw on that understanding to inform our professional work. Our knowledge base, which we energetically develop and maintain is available to enrich our work and stimulate new ideas. We maintain a communication and recording system within the office that ensures relevant knowledge is shared on all of our projects for the benefit of our clients. The Directors are fully involved across the complete range of our work as a result. We are keen that common sense prevails and are wary of over-clever willful solutions just because “one can”.

  • Alan Higgs Architects

    Our work encompasses all aspects of building design from pre-purchase and options appraisals, master planning, building design, landscape and interiors and furniture.

    We have completed more than 220 commissions in Britain, Australia and Europe include new houses, full-scale reconstructions of buildings, work for schools and arts and religious institutions and commercial fit-outs. Much of our work seeks to ease new life into old buildings – we have worked on over 30 listed buildings – and sustainable building and environment technologies are at the heart of our thinking. At all times we are conscious of our clients’ budgetary and programme concerns and help to plan and progress their projects to conclusion.

    Our work is characterised by a sense of order and calm, finely composed relationships between spaces and between inside and out, and the capture of as much natural light as possible. Our designs respond with vision to private clients’ books, art and furniture, and form optimal settings for their specific lifestyles and aspirations. Work for arts and education clients, often carried out in phases, embodies the values and missions of the institutions. Our architecture has recognisable and themes and consistent values, but provides individual, fresh and creative solutions whatever the context and brief.

  • aLL Design

    aLL Design is an interdisciplinary practice set up by the late RIBA Stirling Prize-winner Will Alsop OBE RA. We work at all scales from our London, Chongqing and Toronto bases, delivering award-winning projects worldwide. The practice is well known for processes that integrate community involvement, Will having delivered large scale regeneration projects in Manchester, Bradford, Hamburg, Singapore and Shanghai. A spirit of collaboration is also imbued into product design, architecture, interiors and the creation of movies, paintings and objects at our east London studio, and at Testbed2, our Chongqing office set in the heart of an old factory refurbished as bar, restaurant and creative hub.

  • Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

    Allford Hall Monaghan Morris makes buildings that are satisfying and enjoyable to use, beautiful to look at and easy to understand. We design very different buildings for very different people to use in very different ways. We believe in making places as well as buildings, that work over time and have lasting qualities intrinsic to their architecture.

    Winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2015 for Burntwood School and many other awards for architecture and design, AHMM has received public and media acclaim for its work on education, commercial, residential, arts and masterplanning projects in London, around the UK and internationally.

  • Allies and Morrison

    Allies and Morrison is a practice of architects and urbanists. We strive to design buildings that have long life and can adapt over the generations. We also shape enduring places whether new pieces of city or settlements at any scale. All our projects are concerned with the crafting of every detail and an appreciation for the uniqueness of each context.

    Our work ranges from masterplans and buildings at King’s Cross and the Olympic Legacy to numerous projects for leading universities to the rejuvenation of London’s Southbank and the ongoing Barbican Renewal, to major sites of redevelopment in cities such as Manchester and York, Toronto and Beirut.

    Based in London, we come from around the world and our diversity is one of our fundamental strengths. While we are one of the largest practices of our kind in London, we have many of the qualities of a small studio culture where individuals can thrive on the exchange of ideas in a friendly and nurturing environment.

  • Alma-nac

    Alma-nac is a London-based studio that emerged in 2010 out of a desire to focus on construction rather than paper architecture. The founding partners – Chris Bryant, Caspar Rodgers and Tristan Wigfall – enjoy exploring the open ended architectural possibility of any given project, be it the implementation of community design, cross-sector collaboration or simply the use of wit as a response to scheme constraints. Their built work includes commissions for creative and forward- thinking individuals from the music industry, publishing and politics.

  • Anomaly

    Anomaly isn’t your run-of-the-mill architecture practice. We see ourselves as the outsiders in the best way possible; a collection of architects, designers and creatives who believe in challenging the most archaic aspects of traditional architecture.

    We’re distinctively creative, commercially astute, serious about what we do, and determined to enjoy the journey. We like to build relationships as unique as our buildings so our clients are part of it too.

    Our lack of rules and house style is deliberate. While our process is methodical, it’s also unconventional. We prefer our ideas to be unrestricted and our outcomes unexpected.

    Through our association with Thirdway and their unparalleled market knowledge, we’ve become experts in creative office spaces. But our skill is in bringing new life to old buildings no matter the sector. We’re proud of every project we’ve delivered (and the ones we haven’t – you can’t win them all!), be it a 300,000 sq ft office building, a sea-container workspace with a basketball court roof, or a luxury apartment block. No brief, site, project or client is the same. Neither are we.

  • AOC

    AOC is a practice of architects and designers based in east London. Established in 2005 we have gained international recognition for our inventive inquiry, participatory practice and characterful designs. We have a distinct reputation for high quality public buildings, cultural institutions and residential projects located in sensitive contexts.

    We are committed to a generous architecture that is particular, participative and valuable. We do not have a house style, preferring instead to explore the social and cultural context of each situation to develop appropriate formal responses. We use the associative and sensory qualities of materials, embracing pattern, texture and colour, to create communicative and suggestive spaces.

    Our completed work includes a diverse range of buildings, as well as exhibitions, public realm, landscapes, interiors, temporary installations and neighbourhood masterplans. The practice has won numerous architectural competitions and has been internationally published and exhibited, including the Venice Biennale 2008.

    Our work is nourished through research and collaborations with experts, academics and students. The directors teach in London, lecture in Europe and USA and have been the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Professors at Yale. They currently sit on design review panels for Berkshire, Hackney and Southwark and contribute to contemporary architectural culture through writing and public debate.

  • Apt

    Apt is an architectural practice underpinned by a creative and collaborative approach. We create architecture that inspires through great design, innovation and craftsmanship.

    We work as a collective in a transparent and logical way. We do not have a ‘house’ style and look at every project afresh; creating desirable places to live and work that are richly detailed and diverse in character, celebrating the culture, customs and heritage of their setting, reinforcing a sense of identity and place.

    From our studio in the heart of London’s design district we work across several sectors including housing, commercial, heritage, arts and community projects of all shapes and sizes across London and the UK.

    This is Apt.

  • Arney Fender Katsalidis

    Arney Fender Katsalidis creates inspiring places and spaces for people to live, work and play better. We are a boutique global design firm with an integrated approach to architecture and interiors. AFK was founded in 2013, while our sister studio, Fender Katsalidis, was founded in 1988 – together we have over a quarter century of collective award-winning experience.

    We are young at heart and nimble of mind and have a specific focus on workplace, residential and cultural sectors to ensure we are specialists in what we do.We strive to deliver the world’s best projects and have built a reputation for exceptional client service and design excellence. We purposefully focus the size of our firm to create rich ground for fostering deep client relationships and to ensure the accessibility of our Directors to every project. This continuous connectivity of Directors throughout the life of our projects, is a fundamental platform on which our firm is built.

    Tower Bridge Road
  • Ash Sakula

    From its experimental beginning, Ash Sakula has gone on to work for a broad range of clients across the public, private and subsidised sectors including theatres, galleries, housing, offices and shops. It prides itself on its ability to work in challenging areas where development possibilities need fresh thinking and inventive design.

  • Assemble

    Assemble are a collective based in London who work across the fields of art, architecture and design. They began working together in 2010 and are comprised of 18 members. Assemble’s working practice seeks to address the typical disconnection between the public and the process by which places are made. Assemble champion a working practice that is interdependent and collaborative, seeking to actively involve the public as both participant and collaborator in the on-going realisation of the work.

  • Astudio

    Astudio focuses on reducing our buildings’ impact on the environment. Our courage in the pursuit new ways to reduce carbon and change behaviours gained us the coveted title of Architectural Practice of the Year in 2012.  This unprecedented achievement led us to establish our Research and Development group whose role is to investigate new ways of seeing and thinking about the challenges we face in the industry. With this group we explore visionary concepts that enable us to consider how we may cross boundaries taking us out of architecture and work with different fields of expertise that can help us solve sustainable construction in new ways. We look to the future to propose buildable solutions today.

  • Aukett Swanke

    Aukett Swanke is an international practice of architects and interior design specialists who design and deliver projects throughout Europe, the Middle East and Russia. With over 60 years of experience and a network of 400+ staff, the studio blends cross-sector experience with market leading R+D, and prides itself on establishing a creative collaboration with clients, project teams and major stakeholders.

  • BDP

    BDP is different. Our unique position as a collective with experts spanning the spectrum of the built environment gives us a special status and capability in the design world.  We are place makers who work at every scale; from bespoke light sculptures to entirely new cities. We are passionate about the role of design to improve everyday life.

    We respond to the demands of this dynamic and ever-changing planet with cross discipline design thinking which spans all of life’s activities. Our union with Nippon Koei creates a global architecture, engineering and design practice which fuses placemaking and user-centred design with large scale infrastructure skills.

    Our vision is to be the world’s leading integrated architecture, engineering and design firm, delivering world class solutions which enhance the communities they serve.

  • Beasley Dickson Architects

    Beasley Dickson Architects is a London based RIBA chartered architecture and design practice established in 2014 by Melissa Beasley and David Dickson. The studio works on projects of all scales and sectors, specialising in housing for both private and commercial clients.

    The work is driven by a strong conviction in the creative design process, tailored to the needs of each client with a hands on personal approach. We guide a project through each stage from the initial briefing, through to final sign-off.

    We have a passionate interest in the materials and crafts that make up the building fabric. Our aspiration is to create lasting high quality architecture that improves the quality of life for all those who use it, be it a wardrobe, a building, or a new row of houses.

  • BeFirst

    Be First is a pioneering urban regeneration company wholly owned by Barking and Dagenham Council, but operating independently.

    Our mission is to accelerate growth and capitalise on the borough’s position as London’s hottest investment and development opportunity. We will help deliver 50,000 new homes and 20,000 jobs in the next 20 years.

    As a developer in our own right, we utilise council and commercial investment resources to acquire sites, get planning consent and build out new residential and commercial developments. As a development manager we offer project management, land assembly and planning consultancy services to the council and to commercial partners who share our core values of delivering high quality development which benefits local people.

    Dagenham Studios

  • Ben Adams Architects

    Established in 2010, Ben Adams Architects has quickly developed a reputation for elegant, contextual architecture balancing function with an appropriate degree of innovation and flair.

    Our built portfolio demonstrates an ability to design buildings that fulfill clients’ immediate needs, but which also provides enough flexibility to meet changing requirements in the future.

    Our approach is simple and effective. We employ a rigorous process which ensures that time, budget and stakeholders are all managed exceptionally well, but also allows for the creativity and inspiration essential for buildings which delight.

    At Ben Adams Architects we have particular expertise in the intelligent refurbishment of existing buildings, delivering projects which are contemporary yet respectful of their site, surroundings and historic conditions. We diagnose the existing strengths and weaknesses of a building to fully unlock its potential, rationalising circulation, entrances or social spaces to add experiential and commercial value.

    Trust and understanding are vital for project success. From the outset we invest significant time and resources to build good relationships with clients and stakeholders. Helping our clients navigate the complexities of the decision-making process by providing expert guidance and advice is a crucial part of this relationship. We aim to enthuse and motivate both stakeholders and the design team to ensure that we help to champion and deliver the original project vision.

    Much of our work is underpinned by ongoing research and development projects. This critical approach is fundamental to the way we work. From the properties and appropriateness of materials to evolving urban typologies, research roots our practice in a wider context, and helps to inform the criteria for successful architecture.

  • Benedetti Architects

    We focus on people – our clients and all who use, or are affected by what we design. We create elegant and uplifting places, finding enduring solutions that add value and are rooted in a contextual understanding of place and the tactile qualities of materials, volume and light.

    We enjoy taking time to understand clients’ ambitions and values, the wider context and the specific site. We work with our clients to find the best solutions. Good architecture depends on many people working together. We create a relaxed atmosphere of open, creative collaboration between client, design team, stakeholders and builders.

    We seek the best value out of the complex realities that all projects face, turning constraints into practical opportunities.

  • Benoy

    At Benoy, our aim is to transform the world we live in through design.

    We leverage our understanding of global trends, local cultures and client needs to create iconic destinations that enrich people’s lives, enhance nature, and deliver lasting economic value.

    Clients come to us not only because we can deliver a building, but because we understand their vision for their overall development and the long-term value it can provide. We partner with our clients, sharing their ambitions, frustrations and success – helping them create a lasting legacy through the built environment.

    We’ve been doing this for over 70 years – the past 20 at a global level. And we’ll continue doing it long into the future.

  • BPTW

    BPTW is a 120-strong AJ100 studio based in London. We deliver award-winning architecture, urban design, masterplanning and BIM services from our forward-thinking and collaborative studio in Greenwich.

    Our practice ethos stems from our early work designing social and affordable housing. Today, we lead ambitious residential led masterplanning and regeneration projects across London, and South and Central England, in partnership with communities using innovative co-design and engagement processes. We work across a wide spectrum of project types, varied in scale and typology, and are actively committed to sustainable design with Passivhaus and Net Zero Carbon homes.

    Our collaboration with the London School of Architecture continues our commitment to supporting positive change in architectural education to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion in the industry. This is reinforced by a strong focus on Social Value through outreach activities such as our Careers in the Built Environment programme, aimed at enabling inclusion in architecture.

    The wellbeing of our people is a key priority and is reflected in our inclusive and flexible working policies. This is supported by regular appraisals, a generous benefits package and an active programme of social and wellbeing activities led by our design teams, Social Committee and EDI groups.

    We place an ardent focus on design quality and placemaking and continue to embrace new construction technologies, all with an ongoing commitment to regenerative practice and sustainable design to meet the challenge of climate change. We do this whilst remaining true to our social values and practice ethos; designing and delivering homes and places that transform people’s lives.

  • Brady Mallalieu Architects

    Brady Mallalieu Architects are a design led architectural practice based in London established by Robin Mallalieu and Angela Brady in 1987. Angela is a Past President of the RIBA, 2011 – 2013. The practice has designed buildings in both the public and private sectors in the UK and Ireland across a broad range of project types including urban design, housing, education, healthcare, workplaces and historic buildings. Their work has been extensively published and exhibited both nationally and internationally and has been recognised with a series of design awards. Each project is a specific response to a particular site and the particular requirements of our clients and building users.

  • Buckley Gray Yeoman

    Formed in 1997, BuckleyGrayYeoman is an award-winning architecture and design practice based in Shoreditch, London. Directed by Matt Yeoman and Paul White, the firm provides pragmatic and deliverable solutions to complex design issues.

    With an expanding portfolio of work across a range of sectors including offices, residential, retail, hotels, schools and masterplanning, BuckleyGrayYeoman prides itself on delivering projects on time and within budget, regardless of the size or complexity of the challenge.

  • Burrell Foley Fischer

    We are a diverse group of professionals with exceptional knowledge and skills in placemaking and creating great architecture.

    We have Architects, Town Planners, Urban Designers, Conservation Specialists, and Cinema and Theatre experts amongst our team. We adopt a collaborative approach among ourselves, with other specialists and our clients to ensure we meet the high expectations and aspirations of our clients and end users.

    We are an award winning, design led architectural practice with a recognised commitment to achieving high quality in the built environment. We are recognised as one of the leading practices specialising in buildings for cinema, media and the performing arts, together with urban design, residential, commercial and educational design and the adaptation and restoration of historic buildings.

  • C.F. Møller

    C.F. Møller is one of Scandinavia’s oldest and largest architectural practices. Our award-winning work involves a wide range of expertise that covers all architectural services, landscape architecture, product design, healthcare planning and management advice on user consultation and organisational development.

    We seek a ‘timeless’ architectural expression that matures gracefully and enhances its surroundings. Regardless of programme we always look to delight with the timeless qualities of daylight and proportion of space whilst seamlessly integrating modern systems and methodologies to create a natural environment. This coupled with our Scandinavian craft tradition leads us to believe that to achieve this a rigorous understanding of construction economics and procurement methodologies is required within our practice. In doing so, we empower ourselves to deliver exemplary buildings and places.

  • Carmody Groarke

    Carmody Groarke is a London-based architectural practice founded in 2006 by Kevin Carmody and Andy Groarke.

    The practice has developed a reputation for working internationally on a wide range of arts, cultural, heritage and residential projects. Completed projects include the New Architecture Gallery at the Royal Institute of British Architects headquarters, the permanent memorial to the 7 July London bombings, Frieze (London) Art Fair 2011–2013, Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre Clatterbridge Merseyside, an artist studio for sculptor Antony Gormley and a contemporary gallery for White Cube at Glyndebourne.

    Current projects include: the new Windermere Jetty Museum the Lake District, an extension of the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester, a major renovation of Dorset County Museum in Dorchester, a new Members’ Room for the V&A, a hotel in Devon, a new studio for artist Julian Opie, several private houses and a private art gallery.

    The practice has earned international recognition, winning several architectural competitions and awards for completed projects. The first monograph of the practice was recently published in the Spanish periodical, 2G.

  • Chetwoods

    Chetwoods use rigorous thinking and radical creativity to push the possibilities of design for living, and bring more colour to the world.

    We believe that architecture is a vital platform for progress. It influences the way we live, work, interact and collaborate. It affects our health, outlook and attitudes. Its benefits can be profound.

    Our mission is to educate, inspire and guide our clients to make the choices that will benefit and enrich our lives, our places and our planet. We design with instinct, impact and intelligence to create architecture that is a synthesis of experiential, environmental & technological design.

    Our architectural expertise and services cover a wide range of sectors all tied together by the desire and commitment to create exemplary buildings that have been designed with the user at the heart.

  • Chris Dyson Architects

    Chris has 25 years of experience in international, corporate, civic and residential projects. He leads the creative design of the business, alongside LLP members Gideon Purser and Mathew Witts. Chris read Architecture at Oxford Brookes University and the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow, where he gained a Masters in Architecture. He then worked for James Stirling Michael Wilford and Associates (JSMWA), establishing his own practice in 2003. Based in Spitalfields, the practice’s portfolio includes projects within The Whitechapel Estate, The Bishopsgate Goodsyard, a new café for Crystal Palace Park, and a range of award-winning private commissions. Recent awards include an RIBA Award and The Sunday Times Award. The practice has a reputation for working on challenging projects of all scales, including historic listed buildings.

  • Citizens Design Bureau

    Citizens Design Bureau was established as a co-operative company of architects. We enjoy working with interesting people to make unusual things happen, developing rigorously practical solutions that are woven with ingenuity and make people smile.

    Our aim is to make good design accessible, humane and sensitively sustainable so in addition to a traditional architectural design service, we offer one-off ‘back of the envelope’ idea surgeries, collaborative design sessions, organisational and brief development workshops.

    Our work covers a range of scales from public buildings to products and digital interfaces. We are currently working on numerous start up work and events space projects for Creative Network Partners, bespoke furniture and finishes design for the Everyman theatre in Liverpool, numerous private dwellings, a live music venue as well as a major housing research project.

    Collectively we also have a multi-disciplinary range of experience in teaching and research and have qualified Passivhaus designer status. We are always looking to expand our network of collaborators. Please get in touch to discuss ideas.

  • Claridge Architects

    Claridge Architects is an award-winning RIBA chartered practice established by Marcus Claridge in 2004. We have expertise designing and delivering projects within the commercial, residential and educational sectors, detailed with precision and subtlety. Informed by the physical and cultural context, we aspire to create design-led architecture that is both contemporary and rooted in its context. The scale of our projects range from pop-up pavilions to entire urban blocks with a multitude of programmes and stakeholders.

    Design led with a passion for construction, we have a growing reputation for delivering high quality residential development projects with an acute attention to detail. With technical and contractual experience working on both new-build and listed building refurbishments we have expertise working under all procurement routes.

  • Clive Sall Architecture

    CSA is a commercial architectural company committed to value for money projects with strong social outcomes. We are a unique collection of award-winning creative designers. We are committed to bringing our clients market sensitive, value for money solutions in today’s difficult economic climate. We work nationally and internationally on commercial, cultural and residential projects. We have considerable experience turn-key projects, delivering everything from design to construction in one economical package.

  • Coffey Architects

    Founded in 2005, Coffey Architects has built a strong reputation for designing beautifully crafted, intelligent buildings that ingeniously add value for our clients. Whatever the scale and no matter what kind of client, our talent is to choreograph the demands of strategic objective, budgets, deadlines and delivery for great results.

    A growing team of 25 talented and dedicated architects, we share a culture of excellence. Our projects have been recognised with a clutch of awards won against stiff competition. People, context and light are our driving concerns. Good architecture is measured by its adaptability and response to its context, social life, the people using it and the light that fills it. Our architecture is for people – all people. We want the spaces we design to promote social interaction and set the stage for living, without barriers. In that sense, we are not wedded to any one style but believe in the power of design tailored to need, wish and context. In our hearts, architecture merely frames light both literally and metaphorically. Manipulating it is our starting point for finding elegant answers to our clients’ questions. In this way, we will never abandon beauty in our quest for the functional and pragmatic.

    Environmental, social and economic issues are integral to our process. This mindset encourages collaboration with our design team colleagues, clients, investors, stakeholders and, of course, end-users.

    More than anything, though, we are inspired by the fragility of the planet. The earth is our home in the cosmos, full of wonder but vulnerable. We are moved not just to protect it, but to attempt in some way to capture its impossible beauty.

  • Common Ground Workshop

    Common Ground Workshop is an architecture studio (established in 2014) with a unique vision for professional practice that puts collaborations between clients, end users, communities and industry professionals at the heart of everything we do.

    Situated within a hybrid workspace, café and art project space, our practice philosophy is based on breaking down barriers between people and our profession. We believe that this open and inclusive public-private ecosystem challenges conventional norms of siloed practice, leading to the evolution of exceptional projects that collectively enrich and drive lasting value into our work and the built environment.

    We are an RIBA Chartered Practice creating a bespoke experience for every new project, and work in a broad range of sectors that include residential, commercial, arts and culture, place-making and regeneration. Owning and operating our own hybrid commercial space we are a commercially minded practice and are in the best possible position to work with you at all stages of your project from creating an initial brief and a vision to delivering exceptional architectural solutions and guiding the construction of projects to come in on time and on budget.

  • Cullinan Studio

    Cullinan Studio are architects and masterplanners. We believe the power of a good building lies in its understanding of the present for the benefit of an unknown future – a spatial framework for learning, playing, working and living.

    We aim to make beautiful, useful and sustainable buildings, spaces and places. Our work crosses many sectors, including: cultural; housing; health; research; education; masterplanning; and urban regeneration. We start with people and communities: what will work best for users and what will add social value.

    Edward Cullinan set up the practice as a cooperative in 1965. We remain an employee-owned practice. We share a collective responsibility for getting the best for our clients, and for exploiting the ideas, knowledge and skills of the whole team.

    To support this, our members have an active presence in architectural education and research, including our current leadership of the Adaptive Typologies Design Think Tank at the LSA.

  • daab design

    daab design is a RIBA chartered Architectural practice located in Battersea London, our work is based on finding creative solutions to our client’s needs.  Simple as it seems it takes experience in managing clients expectations, knowhow of the planning process and a curiosity of how things go together to achieve this goal.

    Founded in 2014 by Dennis Austin (former RSHP) and Anais Blehaut (former Will Alsop) we bring our diverse backgrounds of delivering beautifully executed international projects to our studio. Having met and worked together on the site of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 project Dennis and Anais share a common passion of translating design ideas into built reality.

    We are a mixed group Architects working on a series of exciting projects ranging from single family residences to large urban master plan and a whole lot in-between.  Our open studio is organised to promote a dynamic cross flow of information.  We share everything from ideas and inspirations to the task of watering the plants.

  • Dallas–Pierce–Quintero

    Founded in 2009 by Jonathan Dallas, David Pierce and Juliet Quintero, Dallas–Pierce–Quintero is an award-winning art and architecture studio based in London. We’re passionate about using good design to enrich people’s lives. We enliven public spaces, craft beautiful architecture, create meaningful public art and envision strategies for places experiencing change. The studio’s work is highly site-specific, exploring places, spaces and engaging the people that inhabit them through open dialogue. Making and materials are also at the heart of the studio’s projects, which along with its iterative approach to design, produces both beautiful and unexpected results.

  • David Chipperfield Architects

    David Chipperfield Architects was founded in London by David Chipperfield in 1985. The practice has since won numerous international competitions and built over 100 projects. Its diverse international body of work includes cultural, residential, commercial and educational buildings and spaces for both the private and public sectors, as well as civic projects and urban masterplans.

    Offices in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai, contribute to the wide range of projects and typologies. Together, the four offices drive common architectural ambitions and share a commitment to the collaborative aspect of creating architecture.

    The practice’s work is characterised by meticulous attention to the concept and details of every project, and a relentless focus on refining design ideas to arrive at a solution which is architecturally, socially, and intellectually coherent.

    David Chipperfield Architects has won more than 100 international awards and citations for design excellence, including the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2007 for The Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach, Germany, and both the Mies van der Rohe Award (European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture) and the Deutscher Architekturpreis in 2011 for the Neues Museum, Berlin.

  • David Kohn Architects

    David Kohn Architects is a London-based practice established in 2007, working internationally on arts, education and residential projects.

    Excellence in design is pursued through collaborating closely with our clients, consultant teams, contractors and end users. Innovation is cultivated through office-based and academic research into materials, construction techniques and the cultural contexts of each project.

  • Daykin Marshall

    Architecture is a profession that requires both artistic and practical skills.   We enjoy this connection as we see no division between the poetic potential of ideas, and a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

    Collectively, we have experience in design and construction of individual houses, residential developments, schools, museums, hotels, transport interchanges and more unusual projects.  We are currently working on diverse projects across a range of scales and typologies.  One particular specialism is our ability to unlock difficult sites through negotiating planning, landscape, heritage and conservation issues.

  • De Matos Ryan

    Since 1999, De Matos Ryan has completed a wide range of projects that demonstrate our expertise and enthusiasm for design.

    We create simple, imaginative and well detailed modern environments incorporating all disciplines from landscape to interiors. We have developed a strong reputation in delivering good quality contemporary work within historic and often culturally sensitive contexts.

    Our work has allowed us to consolidate and develop a confident and sustainable approach that draws attention through its quality and clarity. The tactile and sensory experience of each setting is fundamental to us and allows us to cross freely between architecture and interiors, creating exciting, often dramatic places.

  • Delve Architects

    Delve stands for exploring; designing and creating spaces that have a positive impact on how we live and work. We believe that design matters; that exploration and investigation lead to the creation of meaningful spaces. Our aim is to bring a light hearted, personable approach to architectural design.

  • Dennis Sharp Architects

    Dennis Sharp Architects was established in Manchester in 1965 by the well-known Modernist historian, architect and critic Dennis Sharp. The architectural practice has a wealth of expertise working on listed buildings and new builds in the public, private and residential sectors. Based in Clerkenwell and Hertfordshire, the practice is well placed to undertake a wide range of projects. The practice portfolio includes housing, schools, dance studios, care homes, exhibitions and installations as well as private homes, refurbishments and extensions.

    Dennis Sharp Architects has a well-established network of consultants and contractors with whom they work to ensure projects are delivered on time and within an agreed budget. DSA is currently working on a number of their own developments including a hotel, housing and refurbishments, giving them real-time experience of funding mechanisms, opportunities and constraints.

  • DK_CM

    We are a practice of architects, researchers and strategists who work in public to create spatial, environmental and social change.We make buildings, public spaces, masterplans, visions, strategies, research and design guidance.

    Our civic interventions in Barkingside were awarded a Special Mention in the 2016 European Prize for Urban Public Space and our work has been exhibited at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, the Shenzhen & Hong-Kong Biennale, the Berlage Institute (Rotterdam), Barbican Art Gallery (London). We are interested in and advocate for publicness, it is a preoccupation that weaves in and out of our projects.

    We are also known for producing critical and provocative research that questions the limits of architectural production and explores new forms of agency and communication.

  • Dow Jones

    We approach every project on its own terms, and treat every commission as a conversation with our clients, to which we bring our experience not our preconceptions. Our work is contemporary and thoughtful. It seeks to explore the physical and cultural qualities of places through investigation and observation. The results combine originality with sensitivity and are responsive to the environment.

    We are interested in an idea of context that seeks to understand the deeper cultural situation of a project, into which an appropriate response is woven. It is a way of working which grounds what we do in both the place and ideas.

    We enjoy the relationship between form and matter, and are interested in a way of building that is direct and unpretentious. Our work is informed by history and memory whilst being contemporary and forward thinking. We see our work as a setting for the situations of everyday life, made available through an architecture of generosity.

  • dRMM

    dRMM is a leading architecture and design studio founded in 1995 and led by co-founding Directors Alex de Rijke, Philip Marsh, Sadie Morgan together with Jonas Lencer, Saskia Lencer and Judith Stichtenoth.

    We create extraordinary architecture within the standard constraints of the construction industry. Our radical projects are led by site, client needs, concept and construction. dRMM make innovative, high quality and socially useful architecture.

    Hasting Pier

  • DSDHA Studio

    DSDHA Studio is founded on a persistent search for new forms of beauty through active design, research and agency. Our projects span from macro-scaled urban strategies and infrastructure studies through to highly acclaimed, crafted individual buildings that celebrate the act of making and materiality within architecture. These projects have evolved through a unique design methodology that deploys tactics developed across 15 years of parallel research in academia and on the ground.

    Our work has been recognised with 12 RIBA Awards in the last decade, and has twice been nominated for the European Union Mies Van Der Rohe Prize for Contemporary Architecture.

  • Edwards Wilson

    Edwards Wilson is a RIBA chartered practice, created by the joining of established companies, Wilson Stephen Associates and Edtch Architects to offer bespoke architectural and project management services.

    We believe in quality and take an holistic approach to design, good conservation practice and deliver sustainable solutions to meet client needs. Our collaborative approach allows us to provide exceptional professional services across a broad range of sectors including; residential, commercial and ecclesiastical projects.

  • Emergent Vernacular Architecture (EVA Studio)

    Emergent Vernacular Architecture (EVA Studio) is a socially-oriented research and design studio. Since 2014 EVA’s team has been providing urban and architectural design solutions from London and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Through a community-based research, EVA Studio acknowledges the value of people’s solutions when responding to situations of scarcity, both in the global south and in developed countries.

    EVA Studio sees architecture as more than just design; but as an inclusive process based on collaborative efforts. Through this process, EVA has been able to explore the vision and potential of a community and to make places that promote equality and resilience.

    Whilst EVA’s work in Haiti focuses on public buildings and spaces for people in informal neighbourhoods with the aim of creating better quality of life and stronger community ties, in London is using the same approach to develop new solutions for low-cost housing.

  • Erect Architecture

    Erect Architecture works with communities to imagine and create a more livable urban environment. Our key strength is our dual experience as both architects and public realm designers. We challenge standards through innovation and research and explore this in evidence-based work. We are currently engaged in pilot projects such as Camden Active Spaces and Lambeth Early Action Partnership, which probe the potential role of design in improving public health and wellbeing. Other key projects: Woodhouse Urban Space, Olympic Park North Timber Lodge and Tumbling Bay, Vauxhall Promenade of Curiosities Public Realm Framework, Kilburn Grange Pk Adventure playcentre and playpark.
  • Eric Parry Architects

    Eric Parry Architects is an established and award-winning practice with a portfolio of notable work. The practice has gathered together talented individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and a wide range of experience – as a result EPA operates easily within any frame of reference, whether the Far East or continental Europe.

    The practice is responsible for several highly prestigious commercial projects in the City and West End including 5 Aldermanbury Square, 60 Threadneedle Street, 23 Savile Row and 50 New Bond Street. We are also responsible for cultural projects involving sensitive historic buildings including a significant new wing for the Holburne Museum of Art in Bath, and have completed the restoration and renewal project for the historic St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in Trafalgar Square.

    In addition to architectural and urban design, we have an excellent portfolio of interior design projects, including residential interiors and office fit outs. We continue to be involved in other types of design, including bespoke furniture, ironmongery, carpets and textiles. We have also worked on successful landscape projects varied in scale and complexity.

  • Farrells

    Farrells are internationally recognised architect planners. We have designed award-winning buildings and masterplans throughout the world for over half a century.

    Our specialism is high quality, mixed-use urban complexes, often based around transport interchanges. We are responsive, imaginative and skilled in design and have a passion for environmental sustainability, using resources wisely and creating resilient communities.

    We believe architecture and building design should always be informed by the context and ‘place’.  We work collaboratively and our designers engage with the evolution, layering and everyday use of a place, starting with the big picture into the detail design and through construction.

    We have an unrivalled track record in influencing public policy. The Farrell Review of Architecture, commissioned by the UK Government, was described by the Culture Minister as ‘the most thorough and wide-ranging exercise that has taken place in this sector for generations.’

  • Fatkin

    Fatkin is an architectural partnership founded in 2014 by architects Fiona Petch and Dan Gullock.

    We are currently based in west London, Cardiff, Bristol and Brighton with projects located throughout the UK.

  • Fletcher Priest Architects

    Fletcher Priest is a 120-strong practice formed of a highly collaborative and diverse group of people. It is led by a partnership group with wide ranging internal and external interests, including long-term involvement with academic institutions such as the Bartlett and Architectural Association. We have studios in London, Cologne and Riga and the majority of teams are based in the UK.

    We concentrate on four highly integrated scales of practice: urban design, architecture, interior design and design research. We strive to think about sustainability holistically – from an environmental as well as a social perspective – and we pride ourselves in creating places that benefit the people who come into contact with them. A key part of this is designing for the long-term, and we are involved in projects across their life cycle, from earliest conversations and ideas to long after they are built.

    Most of our work comes from clients we have worked with in the past. Just as important to us are the long-term relationships we build with the people who work with us. Many colleagues continue working with us throughout their education, or return to the practice after their studies. We recognise that careers in architecture can be hard to enter and our involvement with the LSA is part of our commitment to widen access to the profession and to support close collaboration between practice and academia.

  • Flokk

    Flokk is the market leader in the design, development and production of workplace furniture in Europe. We are the proud owner of product brands HÅG, RH, Giroflex, BMA, Offecct, RBM, Profim, 9to5 Seating and Malmstolen. About 1800 employees work together to realize the vision of our company: Inspire great work.

    Our head office is in Oslo, Norway, with main production sites in Røros (Norway), Nässjö (Sweden), Turek (Poland) and Hawthorne (USA). In addition, we keep sales offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Singapore, USA, Canada, China and Australia. Flokk products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

  • Formation Architects

    Formation Architects is an established architectural practice based in Central London. Our work is concentrated into four main sectors: residential, commercial offices, hotels and master-planning.

    Most of our work is in the South East of England but especially in London where we have worked in most of the 32 boroughs and City of London.

  • Foster + Partners

    Sustainability is at the heart of everything we undertake. We audit all projects against global standards, while developing bespoke strategies that drive our environmental agenda. To build sustainably requires us to design holistically, and our unique integrated design approach enables us to develop innovative strategies that have a firm focus on the future of the environment.

    From within the practice, structural and environmental engineers, together with many other specialist design teams, work alongside the architects to develop fully integrated design solutions. Every project starts with fresh thinking, leading to a solution that is tailor-made to both site and user. Design is typically undertaken by a small, close-knit team; the team that starts a project sees it through to completion, thus providing continuity throughout. We always consider the built environment as a totality and to apply a truly integrated approach to responsible design.

  • FreeHaus

    We believe the best results are borne through collaboration. Through our work, we strive to communicate the impact good design can have on the way we live and on how we interact with one another. We put people at the core of our practice and our ways of working to design spaces to be used by all.

    As a socially minded studio, we work ethically and sustainably to ensure our projects resonate with their end-users, having a positive effect on their environments. As such, we dedicate a great part of our design process to research. By taking the time to listen to our clients’ concerns and aspirations we make sure our projects are grounded in context.

    As part of our holistic approach to design and architecture, we collaborate with a talented network of craftspeople that share our commitment to quality, innovation and transparency. Our passion for materials and our attention to detail allows us to achieve meaningful solutions that speak about individual people and places.

  • Gensler

    Gensler is widely recognized as the world’s leading collaborative design firm, not just the largest. The ability to work together as an integrated team is part of our DNA, and we’ve embraced it at every level, from our Co-CEOs to our studios and project teams.

    The focus of Gensler leadership is on serving our clients effectively wherever they need our services. Our one-firm firm ethos saves time, cuts costs, and delivers innovation. We offer the design industry’s deepest bench of expertise, matched with experience gained by working with our clients across the global economy. We bring that broad knowledge to bear on every project and location where we work.

    For us, design is the means. The starting points are goals, strategies and expectations, but it transcends them to create a new and better reality. Design is transformative.

  • GPAD

    Started in 2002 GPAD is an award winning architecture & interior design practice based in Old Street, London.

    We work across a wide range of building types, including housing, private residential, offices and mixed-use developments. We take a design led approach producing simple elegant design, whilst being sympathetic to each site and its context.

    Getting to know our clients as well as their approach and aims is at the heart of the practices’ ethos and good communication is a big part of the service that we offer. We strive to ensure value and results, but with our personal touch.

    Whilst the majority of our projects are focused in London we carry out projects across the UK; including Leeds, Reading, Cardiff and Bristol.

  • GRID Architects

    We approach every project, big or small, as an opportunity to transform and add value. Here are some projects across sectors to illustrate some of the things what we do.

    Our diverse portfolio is the result of offering full architectural services, across a variety of sectors and scales. We prioritise social and environmental sustainability, always reflecting on the impacts of our decisions both now and in the future.

  • Grimshaw

    Grimshaw is an award-winning, international architectural practice with offices in New York, London, Melbourne, Sydney and Doha, employing over 400 staff. Committed to providing architecture of the highest calibre, the practice’s work is characterised by strong conceptual legibility, innovation and a rigorous approach to detailing, underpinned by the principles of enduring and sustainable design.

    Complete architectural services are provided: master planning, feasibility studies and planning applications through tendering to construction and inspections on site. Grimshaw’s international portfolio covers all major sectors, and has been honoured with over 170 international design awards including the prestigious Lubetkin Prize.

  • Hanson Architects

    We are an award winning, design led architectural practice based in Ladbroke Grove in West London. We also have a small office in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specialise in high end residential projects, basements and schools. We have a particular expertise in achieving difficult planning consents on awkward sites.

    We offer a very personal, professional service based on many years experience working on houses, schools, listed buildings, offices, recording studios, industrial lofts, pubs, restaurants and bars.

  • Haptic

    Haptic is an architecture practice based in London and Oslo. Our designs are conceptually driven, inspired by nature and formed through a critical, iterative design process. A strong emphasis is given to user experience; how one interacts with the buildings and spaces.  We believe a shift away from the optical to the haptical is a move that benefits the users of our buildings.

    Our love of design, rooted in Scandinavian values, inspires everything we do. The Haptic Way is how we do things, a way of working led by curiosity and ambition. It’s how we deliver exceptional design, getting more from less, irrespective of scale, programme or place.

    Haptic relates to touch: we care deeply about the impression we leave — on both places and people.

  • HAT Projects

    HAT Projects is an architecture practice founded in 2007 by Hana Loftus and Tom Grieve. We focus on civic, cultural and community projects at all scales, and also undertake consultancy and research as well as self-initiated developments. We have worked with clients ranging from the V&A Museum and the Science Museum, through to the Greater London Authority, community land trusts and housing developers. Significant completed projects include the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, High House Artists’ Studios in Purfleet and Gasworks gallery and studio complex in London.

  • Hawkins\Brown

    Hawkins\Brown is an internationally-renowned award winning practice of over 250 architects, interior designers, urban designers and researchers.

    Founded in 1988, we bring a wealth of experience designing and delivering innovative and socially sustainable buildings across multiple sectors. People are at the heart of everything we do, from our design approach to the way our studio runs. Our talented designers bring a fresh and collaborative approach to each new design challenge, creating places with personality and purpose that are well-made, well-used and well-loved.

  • Haworth Tompkins

    Haworth Tompkins was formed in 1991 by architects Graham Haworth and Steve Tompkins. Our London-based studio has designed buildings in the UK and elsewhere for clients across the public, private and subsidised sectors including schools, galleries, theatres, concert halls, housing, offices, shops and factories.

    Our buildings are influenced by the specific chemistry of individual places and cultural situations. We put enormous effort into understanding a building’s context and the needs of its users, a process which often yields original or unconventional solutions. What they have in common is an approach rather than a stylistic signature.

    Professionalism and sustainability in the widest sense underpins our creative output. The combination of a relatively small, close-knit team and a carefully limited number of projects in development at any one time enables us to offer an exceptional level of service to our clients. Our work has won over 150 design awards, including The 2014 RIBA Stirling Prize for Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre, and is published internationally.

  • Henley Halebrown

    Buildings form the foundations for society: they are our homes, they provide a setting for the health service, the education of our children and young people, and the arts. Equally they are the instruments of commerce. In each case the architecture is a catalyst for social interaction and personal endeavour. First and foremost, we consider this our responsibility.

    We place great importance on the way people use buildings, and how buildings affect our sense of well-being. Of course use denotes function and this suggests a solution. From our experience functions change and buildings, like other things, can and do become obsolete – in as little as twenty years a building may become vulnerable and subject to demolition. So, we believe it is vitally important that our buildings transcend function and that designs have character and, in time, engender fondness in those who use them thereby achieving a certain durability.

    Each building we make is carefully planned to reflect its social logic. Anthropology and psychology also play a part in this. Whilst good buildings help support the community they serve, poor ones can undermine it. We do not strive for novelty but instead continuity. Working sometimes with existing structures we have developed a respect for historic building types and construction. This translates into the way we plan, make and detail our buildings. Here, analogy plays an important part in their conception and communication.

    Many of our schemes depend on a landscape setting. The prospect of the natural world does much to characterise a rich but simple interior. Together, matter, light and shadow, and gardens conjure up a palpably sustainable architecture that has a human, ethical and cultural dimension. In the 21st Century, the physical properties of buildings provide a necessary foil to the virtual world.

  • Henning Stummel Architects

    We are a small, award-winning architectural practice, founded by Henning Stummel in 2000. We are passionate about architecture, design and place-making, working closely with our clients to develop the brief and deliver projects which engage and delight. Our process is developed through listening and clear communication, both visually and verbally, this empowers clients and convinces planners. We are a dedicated team who enjoy attention to detail. It is important to us that completed projects are successful in design as well as responsible to the environment and social impact.

  • Herzog & de Meuron

    Herzog & de Meuron is a partnership led by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron with Senior Partners Christine Binswanger, Ascan Mergenthaler, Stefan Marbach and Esther Zumsteg.

    Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron established their office in Basel in 1978. An international team of five Partners, about 40 Associates and 400 collaborators works on projects across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

    Herzog & de Meuron have designed a wide range of projects from the small scale of a private home to the large scale of urban design. While many projects are highly recognized public facilities, such as stadiums and museums, they have also completed several distinguished private projects including apartment buildings, offices, and factories. Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron have been awarded numerous prizes including the Pritzker Architecture Prize (USA) in 2001, the RIBA Royal Gold Medal (UK) and the Praemium Imperiale (Japan), both in 2007. In 2014, Herzog & de Meuron were awarded the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP) for 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron were awarded the title of doctor honoris causa in 2018 by the Technical University of Munich.

  • Hesselbrand

    Hesselbrand are international architects improving our everyday experience of space. From concept stores to apartment blocks, or from music festivals to private homes, every type of project is united by its approach to contemporary forms of life.

    Hesselbrand’s work has been exhibited widely, including at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Victoria & Albert Museum and Milan Architecture Week. They have taught at the Architectural Association and are currently teaching at the London School of Architecture and Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Recent clients include the British Council, Nike and Pegasus Life. The practice was founded by Martin Brandsdal, Magnus Casselbrant and Jesper Henriksson, with offices located in London and Oslo.

  • HK Architects

    Lead by the driving forces Gavin Hutchison and James Johnson, Hutchison Kivotos Architects has a shared heritage at ORMS Architects augmented with projects for MCM and 1:1 Architects. The result: a partnership with deep reserves of experience delivering quality projects for discerning clients. The key to HK‘s design strength lies in a closed loop between Development, Refurbishment and Fit-Out projects. We understand what makes building users tick and the commercial constraints of the bottom line then devise innovative solutions that suit.

  • HOK

    HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. We use design to enrich people’s lives and help organisations succeed. Our 1,700 people collaborate across a network of 23 offices on three continents.
    HOK’s mission is to deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art.
    Our design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary professional teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of the built environment.
  • Hopkins Architects

    Hopkins Architects have helped pioneer British architecture since our founding by Michael and Patty Hopkins in 1976. The Practice is now led by five Principals and we are based in London, having completed projects throughout the world. Our deeply-rooted architectural, environmental and social convictions guide our designs and we work confidently and collaboratively in a manner appropriate to each client’s needs, ambitions and budget.

    We take great pride in our adaptability throughout the design and construction process and we have worked with varied clients ranging from individuals to city councils to Boards of Trustees to developers. We work from offices which we designed ourselves in Marylebone that house a team of approximately 100 architects and staff. In addition, we operate a second Design Studio in Dubai and maintain Project Offices in Tokyo, Shanghai and Munich. The size of our practice has allowed us to gain a breadth of experience from projects in a variety of sectors while maintaining an intimate connection to the development of each design.

  • HTA

    Our purpose.
    HTA Design sets out to create great places to live, and to be a great place for our people to work.

    Making great places to live.
    HTA is a practice of over 250 architects, urbanists, planners, landscape architects, interior designers, sustainability specialists, graphic designers and researchers.  Our collective focus is on creating great  places to live and we have a 50 year track record of the design and delivery of better housing. We have a singular focus, applying an inter-disciplinary approach to the design of homes and residential neighbourhoods. Our collaborative effort is to improve all aspects of housing, from individual homes and housing typologies, apartment buildings small and large, masterplans and design codes, urban neighbourhoods, suburban settlements as well as brownfield and estate regeneration. We are experienced across all stages, from concept to completion and feedback.

    Making a great place to work.
    We are dedicated to creating a supportive and healthy professional environment that nurtures talent, builds careers and fosters creativity, enjoyment and satisfaction in our shared endeavour. We work hard to be the best employer possible and were rewarded by becoming winners of the AJ100 Employer of the Year Award in 2022 & 2018, as well as being selected as one of Building Magazine’s top 50 Good Employers for the third year running.

    HTA is committed to ensuring that our practice is a great place to work and we believe that our success relies on the active encouragement of contributions from a diverse range of people both within and outside the practice. We encourage everyone at HTA to be themselves and share in different perspectives, experiences, lifestyles and cultures in a safe, supportive environment.

    HTA offers a range of benefits including healthy lunches, mindful craft sessions and office massages.


  • HÛT

    Established in 2002, HÛT is an award-winning architectural practice based in Shoreditch, London. We specialise in the design of places to live and places to work, many schemes combining both areas of expertise in urban re-invention projects.

    The name HÛT highlights a belief that a simple, refined approach – robust, carefully considered and beautifully resolved – produces the most elegant designs. The everyday and familiar are re-imagined to produce an architecture that delights and surprises.

    The practice has strong links with academia, including the Bartlett and Westminster University, and is a supporter of the London School of Architecture. HÛT is actively involved with the RIBA, championing better buildings, communities and the environment through architecture.

  • IDOM

    Founded in 1957, IDOM is an established architecture and engineering consultancy, bringing scale, capacity and 59 years of experience to the delivery of complex master planning, architectural and engineering projects on an international level across all major sectors. Today IDOM employs more than 2,700 people and has a network of 39 offices in various countries, including the UK.

    IDOM’s architectural division is an award-winning practice, ranked as one of the top 47 architectural firms in the world (Building Design World Architectural 100 rankings 2016). IDOM provides a complete in-house multi-disciplinary design approach, offering integrated services all from a single company for the benefit of our clients.

  • IF_DO

    IF_DO is an award winning architecture practice dedicated to creating projects with a positive impact on users, the environment and the surrounding community. Established in 2014 by Al Scott, Sarah Castle and Thomas Bryans, IF_DO works on projects of all scales, from individually crafted buildings to strategic master plans.

    We adopt a collaborative and explorative approach that draws on our collective experiences and interests. Our work is developed following careful analysis of context, informing architecture that is sensitive and appropriate to its place.

    IF_DO was named as one of the top 20 “promising practices from around the world” by Wallpaper* Magazine in July 2017.

  • Interrobang

    Interrobang is an architecture and engineering studio within Webb Yates Engineers. Founded in 2015, Interrobang’s mission is to make extraordinary contributions to our built environment though a genuinely transdisciplinary design process.

    We believe in brave gestures, plucky underdogs and old heroes from deep history. We have an alchemical approach to materials, revelling in their delicious properties and potentials. We strive for exuberant mathematical beauty, glorious solutions to difficult questions, and a grand adventure for all involved.

    Interrobang has the capacity and expertise of a safe pair of hands, with the nimble imagination of a hot young design studio. Founding directors Maria Smith, Steve Webb and Andy Yates are joined by associate Matthew Dalziel. Between them they have extensive experience delivering projects for public, private and commercial clients across arts, culture, housing, offices, health, public realm and infrastructure.

  • Jack Carter Architects

    Founded in 2016, Jack Carter Architects is a London based design studio with an international experience and outlook. Our work ranges in scale from small domestic commissions to complex mixed-use developments.

    Our team enjoy working in a collaborative environment to create buildings with a highly sustainable agenda, meticulously suited to a client’s needs. Current projects include a new campus for Santander in Liverpool and a masterplan for a school and community centre in a township of Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Jan Kattein Architects

    Jan Kattein Architects is a design studio that advocates socially engaged working methods. We embrace design as an opportunity for dialogue and exchange. Pro-actively building relationships helps us to shape projects that make a civic contribution, supporting economic, cultural, educational and social prosperity.

    We are award-winning architects that have specialised in residential architecture, from single private dwellings to large scale social housing projects. We have a considerable track record for high quality mixed-use and housing schemes of all tenures, for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and private developers. We are particularly excited by projects that have strong client aspirations for sustainability, both social and environmental, and many of our projects involve high levels of consultation and collaboration.

    Our completed projects have won many design awards; including 5 Housing Design Awards, RIBA London Building of the Year 2013 and numerous RIBA awards. We were Housing Architect of the Year 2009.

  • Jestico + Whiles

    Jestico + Whiles is an award-winning architectural and interior design practice with offices in London and Prague. Founded in 1977, the practice has grown steadily building on its reputation for design quality and innovative solutions to challenging briefs.

    The practice has always been proud of the diversity in its workload, ranging from schools to University departments; five-star boutique hotels and restaurants; master-planning of residential developments to high-end apartments; individual office fit outs and corporate headquarters. The practice’s reputation for excellence is well established both nationally and internationally, with recent projects completed and on-going in the Gulf, India, Africa, Australia and throughout Europe.

    Jestico + Whiles recently completed the National Graphene Institute in Manchester. The practice is currently working on a number of high profile projects including the restoration of Sir John Soane’s Pitzhanger Manor in London, a five-star hotel for the new Edinburgh St James development and Tower Works, a mixed-use urban regeneration project in Leeds.

  • Jo Cowen Architects

    We are design-led, bringing an innovative, rigorous and experiential approach to every project. Our solutions are always specific to the client, brief and site; we will design and deliver the best possible outcome for all three. Every project, every scheme, every masterplan we create is a unique response to the community and environment in which it is set, a creative solution that is at once new and perfectly fitting. In all our work, sustainability is key. For us, it’s not a buzz word, it’s a core principle.

    Taking a development idea from the page to a deliverable outcome requires clarity of thought and creative vision. There are risks and opportunities in every project; we identify these and weigh them against the core objectives to present the best solution. We are known for our ability to take the long view, to ensure that what we deliver will be sustainable and lasting. Our other strength is planning; knowledge and skill in this area is essential in any development, and here we are industry leaders.

  • John McAslan + Partners

    We create architecture that improves people’s lives.

    We aim for an architecture which is rational and poetic, robust and delightful; we tread carefully and build with conviction; we tackle problems head on and think laterally; we deconstruct a brief and let a design emerge from close examination of the pieces; we don’t necessarily take ‘no’ for an answer; we believe the power of architecture extends much further than the dimensions of individual buildings; we believe architecture is about making life better.

    We believe that buildings should be underpinned by a powerful idea; that the idea should be an intelligent and logical response to functionality and a sense of place; and the power of that idea should be embedded in the built form. That way, clients get the buildings they need and society gets the architecture it deserves.

    We believe that the city is one of humanity’s most impressive and precious cultural achievements. We also believe that cities are about connections, transport, communications, public spaces and joy. We believe in locating our buildings firmly within their contexts – not as slavish repetition but as a considered response to site, materiality, amenity, scale and culture.We do not believe in the value of a house style; if we have a house style it is one of process, not of form. We are functionalists. We believe a good building is an expression of a clear and rational diagram. We are not idly blown by the winds of fashion. We believe in the value of research. We believe in contemporary design for a changing world.

  • Jonathan Tuckey Design

    Jonathan Tuckey Design has garnered an international reputation for working with existing buildings and structures. Our studio has become expert in combining contemporary design with layers of built heritage to explore the ways in which old and new can co-exist and elevate one another. We have worked on a number of commercial, cultural and residential projects within Europe, the United States and South America, developing a clear set of principles and approaches to deal with historic and modern architecture.

    We embrace an architecture of change and an acute awareness of style and context underpins everything we do. The juxtaposition of contemporary elements with original features creates a dialogue between different eras and allows buildings to establish a new purpose. Re-using existing built stock is the most sustainable approach to the future development of our cities and countryside, retaining a sense of collective heritage.


  • JTP

    JTP is an award-winning international placemaking practice of architects and masterplanners with extensive experience of delivering successful projects for both private and public sectors throughout the UK and Europe.

    From our studios in London and Edinburgh we undertake placemaking projects at every scale, from cities and towns, to neighbourhoods, streets and the design of individual buildings; creating new places and breathing life into old ones.

    We approach all our projects through a process of understanding, engaging, and creating, which together we call ‘Collaborative Placemaking’.

    We are passionate about placemaking and our unique approach has received high praise, recognised with over 200 design awards over the past twenty years.

  • Karakusevic Carson Architects

    Karakusevic Carson Architects are award-winning specialists at the forefront of urban regeneration and public housing design across London. Design and strategy led, the practice formed with the sole intent to raise standards in housing in the UK after 40 years of neglect and drives forward successful masterplans, urban design, viable mixed-use and tenure housing, and estate renewal architecture projects. The practice is committed to working with public sector client groups and local authorities to deliver housing, public buildings and neighbourhoods of exceptional quality with real social value.

    Karakusevic Carson Architects projects have won numerous RIBA, Housing Design and Civic Trust Awards. The practice was named ‘Housing Architect of the Year’ in 2012 and 2014 and again shortlisted for ‘Masterplanner and Housing Architect of the Year’ in 2015 and 2017.

  • Langstaff Day

    Langstaff Day Architects bring thoughtfulness to everything we do. We use creativity and experience to solve our clients’ problems. We pride ourselves on communicating clearly.

    We enjoy collaborating with anyone who values good design and is looking to explore new ideas. We believe that the built environment matters. We want to help create a sustainable future.

  • Liddicoat & Goldhill

    Founded in 2011, the studio’s work explores the visceral experience of Architecture. We combine a collaborative Agile design management system with an artisanal approach to making.

    Liddicoat were awarded an RIBA award and Manser Medal nomination for the hand-crafted Shadow House. A prestigious Stephen Lawrence Award shortlisting and a second RIBA award came for the kinetic ‘Ancient Party Barn’.

    Named as one of Wallpaper* Magazine’s ‘Future 30’, the practice was shortlisted for Building Design 2013 One-Off House Architect of the Year, Longlisted for Young Architect of the Year, featured in Elle Decoration architects directory and are to be included in the Architecture Foundation’s “New Architects 3: A decade of New British Talent”.

  • Lipton Plant Architects

    LPA is an established and successful business. With over 400 schemes completed in the past 13 years, our focus is now ensuring that ‘LPA’s Creative Strategy’ is developed, fulfilled and delivered with continuity. Through collaboration and dialogue, we make architecture with a strong narrative, absolutely specific to site, client and user. LPA’s particular and collaborative process interrogates every scheme to source a particular story. Each story is our brief. The unique restrictions of each brief pushes LPA to create distinct design solutions of the most enduring possible value to both people and place.

  • Loader Monteith

    At the core of our practice is the belief that architectural education should be accessible to all. Our director Iain Monteith engaged in architectural part-time education for over a decade whilst working in practice and as such we fully appreciate the opportunities that this method of education can provide and the dedication it requires.

    This is why our practice fully supports the LSA’s approach to provide the opportunity of architectural education to people from all walks of life. We believe that diversity helps shape the profession, allowing us to be truly representative and responsive to the challenges facing society, both locally and globally.

    As a practice we are actively engaged in architectural education through tutoring and lecturing at various educational institutions, and by joining with the LSA Practice Network we look forward to expanding our engagement throughout the UK.

    Our work is diverse and responds to a variety of factors. At the core of our work is a desire to produce architecture that is truly responsive to both user and context. Focussing on understanding the needs and requirements of our users allows us to form a truly bespoke solution. This is combined with our consideration of the physical environment and appropriate construction methodologies allowing us to determine the most suitable approach to project delivery. Many of our projects focus on ‘reuse’, either through site and materials, or through conservation and restoration. We seek to maximise the potential of opportunities to work with existing buildings and materials in order to extend the life and narrative of fabric and form.

  • LTS Architects

    We are committed to design excellence, sustainable outcomes and the highest quality of service; aims are underpinned by a simple desire to make a better built environment and, through this, positively contribute to people’s lives. Since being recognised by the Architecture Foundation as being one of ‘Britain’s Best Young Architectural Practices’, we have gone on to create diverse body of work and have been widely published.

    Since being recognised by the Architecture Foundation as being one of ‘Britain’s Best Young Architectural Practices’ we have gone on to create diverse body of work and have been widely published. We see design as a continual process of exploration that requires both imagination and tenacity. It is only through constantly challenging ideas and solutions that the very best outcomes are achieved.

  • Maccreanor Lavington

    We are architects and urbanists based in London and Rotterdam. Founded in 1992, we have grown to be around 80 people, so big enough to tackle projects of any size yet small enough to remain a close knit, focused and friendly team.

    Our team is made up of exceptionally talented and dedicated people. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon as well as a common passion, energy and enthusiasm for our subject.

    We work at every scale from strategic to detail and view this as part of a singular process.  The decisions that we make within a masterplan are informed by a depth of architectural knowledge, individual buildings are made to play a role within their urban context.

    We have considerable experience with many types of building: homes and housing of every kind; schools and community buildings; workspace; shops and evermore ambitious high-density-mixed-use-city-buildings.

    We collaborate regularly with other practices and disciplines in many significant large-scale strategic projects: major city extensions, new sustainable neighbourhoods; and town centre regeneration.

    We undertake research, produce design guidance and strategies that inform national and local government policy.

    By approaching work through the lens of embedding social value we build a sense of agency and ownership with a place and the communities we work with.

    We have earned a strong and trusted reputation with clients, peers and local authorities and our design work has been recognised with many awards including the RIBA Stirling Prize.

  • Make Architects

    Make’s singular aim is to design the best buildings, places and spaces in the world. A central part of this is providing the complete design of buildings across a range of sectors. We develop conceptual designs through to the final details, before going on site to oversee construction through to practical completion and post-occupancy, to protect the continuity of the design concept and build quality.

  • Marcus Beale Architects

    Marcus Beale Architects was established in 1991 to do smart new things in old places. We operate across the UK and occasionally overseas and have strong roots in our local community.

    We make buildings across a wide range of building types, often  in historic and highly protected environments, including inner city areas, Grade I and II* Listed buildings and landscapes, Conservation Areas, Scheduled Monuments and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    We balance institutional, commercial and residential projects so that skills from one sector can apply to others.

  • Marko&Placemakers

    Marko&Placemakers is a design-led consultancy for cities based on transformational principles of placemaking and green urbanism. We are a team of urban designers, researchers and architects with a combination of skills in city design, urban strategies, development frame­works, masterplanning and communication.

    Our work addresses the overlaps between place, process and people, reaching beyond the physical aspects of design. In this experiential design process, we see the role of the placemaker as that of a creator, bringing new ideas, as well as a mediator, linking existing processes and people. We are working across cities in the UK and Europe, uncovering their entrepreneurial potential and capacity to evolve into liveable neighbourhoods.

  • Material Works

    Material Works is an Architecture Practice based in London. Founded in 2018 by experienced and award winning Architects, we are dedicated to the creation of well crafted buildings and interiors that balance aesthetics and function. We have a deep understanding of both traditional and modern construction methods and have developed a portfolio of successful projects throughout London that marry the two. We approach each commission as a distinct narrative, developing designs with sketches and models to create bespoke solutions that satisfy practical demands and bring joy to our clients.

    Following the successful completion of several private commissions, we completed our first commercial project in 2020 – the refurbishment and extension of 4,000 sqm of office space. We are now working on a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from residential refurbishments to co-work fit-outs, the restoration of an historic covered market and our first large scale new build starting on site in West London. On all projects we seek to add value and provide realistic and effective solutions. We work closely with our clients to ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget.

  • Metropolitan Workshop

    Founded in 2005, we are a multidisciplinary practice of architects and urban designers. We collaborate across two studios in Dublin and London, and strive to become one of the most trusted, original and responsible voices for architecture and urbanism. Stimulating to work for and engaging to work with.

    We have a studio culture that is open minded; we listen to better understand, we share our knowledge collegially, we cherish and value genuine collaboration. The work we do is underpinned by a rigorous approach and coherent dialogue, to create something that is thoughtful, creative, engaging and particular.

    Our design comes from a close engagement with the client and the brief, through a process that harnesses the full spectrum of society’s talent. We collaborate with a wide variety of different people from artists and carpenters to researchers and writers. From local authorities, planners, community engagement consultants, and housing developers to, most importantly, the end-users.

  • MICA Architects

    MICA is an architectural practice founded by Gavin Miller and Stuart Cade, the partners of Rick Mather Architects.

    Building upon the reputation of design quality established by the partners over 20 years, MICA is a new practice with a rich heritage. The team works across multiple sectors at a range of scales, while maintaining the same attention to detail throughout. An analytical approach is applied to all projects, from strategic masterplans and landscape planning to individual buildings, interiors and even furniture. Through creative problem solving, engaging with stakeholders and the local community, MICA is able to solve complex problems and present solutions that appear simple in their elegance.

  • Mikhail Riches

    We are award-wining architects that have specialised in residential architecture, from single private dwellings to large scale social housing projects. We have a considerable track record for high quality mixed-use and housing schemes of all tenures, for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and private developers. We are particularly excited by projects that have strong client aspirations for sustainability, both social and environmental, and many of our projects involve high levels of consultation and collaboration.

    Our completed projects have won many design awards; including 5 Housing Design Awards, RIBA London Building of the Year 2013 and numerous RIBA awards. We were Housing Architect of the Year 2009.

  • MillsPower Architecture

    Mills Power is a new architecture practice. Phyllida Mills and Mark Power have joined forces to work creatively with clients in the private and public sectors on residential, public realm and social infrastructure projects. We keep our costs down and we bring our broad experience to focus directly on clients’ needs.

    Our aim is to design the most liveable, buildable and inspiring spaces possible within the client’s budget and programme. Most of our lives are spent in and around buildings. We believe the built environment could and should be much better than it is for everyone.

    Phyllida Mills has designed housing, schools, office refurbishments and university buildings, working directly for clients and contractors, as well as gaining planning permissions for residential developments. She was a Partner with  Penoyre & Prasad LLP for 7 years responsible for operations and projects ranging in size from £0.5 – 20M.

  • Minotti

    Minotti is a modern Italian furniture company; leader in high quality modern furniture, contemporary furniture, outdoor furniture and furnishings for residential and hospitality environments. Minotti London offers a premium showroom experience matching the service expected of “100% Made in Italy” product. Minotti is in the field of contemporary furniture design an ambassador of a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and commercial sector.

    Minotti’s designs and philosophies are embraced by interior design and architecture professionals who collaborate with us on London’s luxury property and design scene, as well as private clients. Projects are unique and our clients passion is evident in the diverse palette of projects completed in collaboration with Minotti London.

  • Morris+Company

    Morris+Company is a company of architects. We are listeners, makers, curators, narrators, experimenters and innovators. We are bold activists and obsessive fabricators. And we are connected by our love of making buildings.

    Our work is the product of craft and humanity. The skill of making buildings may be specialist but human experience is universal, and it is from that experience that our architecture grows. People love, live, work, are born and die in our buildings; we bring them into being and leave them to become themselves.

    Our buildings are the result of rich and constructive discourse with our clients. Our methodology is inquisitive, explorative and powerful, and gives us new perspectives on a brief. The communicative, iterative nature of traditional model-making is as fundamental to our process as the possibilities offered by newer technologies.

    Morris+Company was born in 2018, and is an evolution of Duggan Morris Architects. The same restive creative spirit, developed over twelve years as Duggan Morris, is the foundation of our renewed practice, but our reassembly as Morris+Company has brought a broader field of vision and more collegiate way of working.

    Our home is London, and much of our work is in the United Kingdom, but our worldview is wide and the company – currently a family of around 50 members – diverse. Our base in Copenhagen acts as test-bed for a more deeply collaborative approach, as well as a doorway into a new design territory. We are co-founders of Londonon, a research programme which advocates design learning through global co-operation.


  • Mulroy Architects

    We are architects. Our mission is to improve lives with beautiful, life-long and sustainable architecture, appropriate for our complex and changing world. We challenge assumptions to invent the best solutions for the real goals within every project. We lead collaborative alliances, of which you are part, as strong teams propose the best ideas. We use human skills to create great, green architecture that allows you to adapt to the future.

    We are an RIBA Chartered Practice and RIBA Client Adviser providing design expertise and advice to develop affordable and future-proofed architecture that fits the people that will use our buildings.

    Our design work has won awards, has been been exhibited at the New London Architecture gallery and published in many lifestyle, national and technical publications.

  • Murphy Philipps

    Murphy Philipps is an architectural practice dedicated to excellence in delivering practical and high quality design within time and cost constraints.

    We take care to listen and to understand our clients’ needs and aspirations. The resultant design solutions are not only practical and cost-effective but tailored specifically to meet each client’s requirements. We have recently received Gold Star ratings in independent customer satisfaction surveys.

    All of our projects also reflect a wider responsibility to the local community and environment, embracing principles of best practice in urban planning and sustainable development. Our objective is to provide a thoughtful and innovative solution that exceeds client expectations.

    Murphy Philipps has both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. We are also accredited with CHAS and registered with Constructionline.

  • NBBJ

    NBBJ is an international leader in architecture and design within corporate, healthcare, commercial, science, higher education and urban planning markets. Our clients are global frontrunners in their respective industries who inspire our own design innovation; they include Google, Amazon, GlaxoSmithKline,  the University of Cambridge, the NHS, Stanford University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Samsung, Microsoft and Bloomberg.

    NBBJ is founded on the evolution of 70+ years of ideas that share one driving inspiration: to design communities, buildings, products, environments, and experiences that enrich people’s lives. The firm has been named one of the most innovative architecture firms in the world by Fast Company and the architect of choice for tech companies by Wired.

    With more than 750 employees across offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Beijing, Boston, Columbus, Pune and Shanghai, the best attributes of a large and small firm merge at NBBJ, where specialised studios within an international network ensure holistic services customised for clients.

    In addition to a full suite of architecture and design services, NBBJ brings together expertise across numerous disciplines including design computation, experience design, business analysis, environmental sustainability, Lean process improvement and workplace strategy.

  • Neil Kahawatte Architects

    Neil Kahawatte Architects design and deliver high quality projects, with a focus on environmentally sensitive contemporary design. The practice guides projects across all stages from concept to completion.

    Neil is closely involved in every project, and his interests in both the material (craft, materials, detail, tectonics & structure) and the immaterial (weather, climate, culture, time & creative users) aspects of architecture underpin the practice’s approach.

    The practice embraces and enjoys the inevitable constraints on any project, whether from the brief, planning, cost or surrounding context; as responding positively to these factors can often generate the richest and most interesting designs.

  • NG Architects

    Golzari-NG Architects (NGA) is a London-based, award winning,  RIBA Chartered  practice, located in Islington, north London. It was originally setup in 1992 with its design inspiration and professional practices being deeply rooted in broad social and cultural issues. NGA uses processes of research and collaboration as a key working methodology to create culturally sensitive and sustainable urban design.

    Golzari NG Architects undertakes a range of commissions varying in scale and complexity. We can take on ‘Full Service’ appointments which run from concepts, design up to site supervision and completion. We are also happy to assist clients in any selected project stages tailor made to their needs.

  • One Works

    One Works is an independent, global design and consultancy firm that integrates architecture, infrastructure and urban engineering.

    Specialising in a range of sectors, we pride ourselves on complex projects that deal with crowded spaces and host millions of people a year; delivering design solutions that demonstrate extensive knowledge of the physical, historical, social, functional and environmental context.

    With over 20 years of professional practice and a collaborative approach to every project, our design teams work hard to build enriching relationships through an extensive range of services.




  • Orms

    Orms is an award-winning architecture and design practice based in Shoreditch, London.

    We seek to elevate the human experience through insight, collaboration, and design integrity. Spirited, yet controlled, we approach each project with experience and confidence. In this way, we build architecture that is considered and wholly effective. We bring meaningful solutions to urban life, creating modern structures of clarity, beauty, and vigour, delivering a real and positive impact on people’s lives.

    We believe that true innovation is in the fusion of form and method. So, we listen – to clients, to each other, and to the individuals that will live, love and work in our buildings. This insight informs our process, it is embedded into our designs, and realised in our structures.

    We start conversations, to inform and encourage debate, ensuring every voice is heard. In so doing, we hope to improve the public perception of architecture, and demonstrate that buildings do make a difference.

    We create an architecture that listens.

  • Outpost

    Outpost is a London-based Architecture & Design studio, founded in 2016 by Robin Sjoholm and Thomas Housden.

    The studio formed through our shared passion of exploring the role of making in design. Our design approach is hands-on; testing ideas, materials and their assembly through physical models, prototypes and full-scale mock ups.  We work across disciplines to encompass product design, interior design and architecture in one studio, applying the same thought and consideration that goes into designing architecture to that of interiors and products at the 1:1 scale.

    Our ambition is to make objects and spaces that are thoughtful and well-crafted offering our clients creative yet simple solutions. To achieve this, we collaborate with an extensive range of craftsmen who share our passion for combining traditional crafts with bespoke modern detailing.

    Since its inception, the studio is now a team of 5, and has developed a growing portfolio of private commissions within the residential and commercial sectors as well as pursuing our own self-initiated projects.


    PARTI was founded by Eleanor Hill and Tom Leahy, who worked together for 10 years prior to forming the studio. Both Eleanor and Tom studied together at the University of Cambridge, the Royal College of Art, and the Architectural Association. Alongside PARTI, Eleanor and Tom are practice mentors and school-wide critics at the Royal College of Art, and practice mentors and Ambassadors of the London School of Architecture.

    PARTI produces efficient well-crafted architecture that is intelligent, beautiful and rigorously sustainable.

    The studio is an architecture and design practice that expands the traditional role of designer with longer-term involvement in projects – from disruptive brief creation to post-occupancy programming. The studio was founded to design better objects, building and cities – providing solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues, using a collaborative, explorative and research-based design method. In addition to private residential work, the studio is working on a number of significant projects in the UK and overseas. This includes a hotel in Australia, a mixed use scheme in California, and a large range of residential projects in the UK.

  • PDP London

    PDP London is an international architectural and urban design practice known for its skilful integration of contemporary architecture within historic environments and expertise in high-end residential, commercial, civic and mixed-use projects.

    The practice has a reputation for identifying possibilities through skilful masterplanning to maximise site potential and value. PDP London is experienced in delivering high quality projects on programme and to budget, taking a pragmatic approach to issues on site, whilst maintaining the overriding importance of design quality.

  • Pedder & Scampton

    Pedder & Scampton is an Islington based architectural practice offering design and consultation whose work has a residential and community bias. We have a particular expertise in design for people with autism and other special needs. Please have a look through our portfolio or explore the services we offer and see the Notebook section for developing specialisms, prizes, visits and other interests.

  • Penoyre & Prasad

    Penoyre & Prasad is a design-led practice with over 25 years specialising in buildings across a range of sectors including Education, Civic, Health and Residential. Our distinctive, collaborative design approach results in functional, beautiful and sustainable low energy buildings that have received wide recognition with over 120 design awards as well as numerous publications and competition wins. The practice’s approach is underpinned by the belief that design adds value and can directly reflect and support the future needs of our clients. Whatever the project, our aim is to design versatile and adaptable buildings, bringing to bear high ambition and fresh ideas, focused on the people who use, operate and experience the buildings and neighbourhoods.

  • Pensaer

    We’re an architecture practice based in London, delivering elegant design with crafted details. We love seeing the positive influence architecture has on the communities inhabiting it.  The relationships we develop with our built environment can be powerful.  This understanding will always be driving our work, and it will always excite us.

  • Piercy & Company

    The idea of reducing a design to its purest, most rational form has never really appealed. Material imperfections, happy accidents of the design process or traces of the maker can become the real beauty of the project. Our work seeks a balance between Modernist ideals of pure space and light, and a more poetic form of architecture which has a sensibility towards texture, historic fabric, and place.

    Often we find ourselves negotiating, and embracing, complex relationships between new and old techniques to arrive at buildings that are generous in detail and strong in form.

    We spend time carefully interweaving poetic and pragmatic considerations to create designs with narrative, integrity, and commercial clarity.

    As a studio we have adopted digital production and custom fabrication as a way to be more experimental and expressive with the design process. We deliver projects in collaboration with a growing network of craftspeople, suppliers, fabricators, and makers who share our curiosity and sense of experimentation.

  • PiM.studio Architects

    We are PiM.studio, a London-based team of Architects with a global outlook, fresh ideas and big ambitions.
    We work on architecture, urban design and beyond.

    We go beyond what is expected of us in everything we do. We’ve lived and worked in many different places – Italy, France, Japan, China, the Netherlands, the US, Switzerland, the UK – and this has given us broad horizons and a perspective unhampered by preconceptions. Our minds are open, and we believe that almost anything is possible.

    We also feel strongly that the very best buildings sit happily in their context. Place is always our starting point. We love the feeling of arriving at a new site – in a new city or even a new country – and seeing it with fresh eyes. We take nothing for granted about a place but immerse ourselves in it, researching it thoroughly and from every angle. Out of this process comes a design that responds to its context and belongs.

  • POD Architects

    Our architects studio is a creative place where we solve problems and develop innovative designs.

    Our architecture work ranges from seeing opportunities and growing projects with clients to producing construction information and completing projects on site. This range requires the skills of many people in our team who specialise in design and technical specification. Our clients are both established developers and first time clients who need new thinking and contemporary design solutions to produce high quality architecture.

    Gatwick South Terminal
  • Populous

    We believe that great architecture connects emotionally to users. For over 35 years and with 3,000 built projects, Populous has designed and delivered some of the world’s most memorable civic, sports and entertainment buildings, from iconic stadia to ground-breaking live music venues.

    Populous offers a unique approach to the design of our projects, marrying unsurpassed technical expertise with internationally recognised design capability. Complex projects require a truly integrated design approach with the synthesis of multiple design disciplines into a singular bold, beautiful and intelligent design.

    Our global practice work from 15 offices across the world with a culturally diverse team of specialist architects and designers bringing a unique combination of international and local expertise and knowledge to every project, to create a unique, innovative and appropriate architectural solution.

    Places that make memories and deliver unforgettable experiences.

  • Prewett Bizley Architects

    Working from studios in London and Wells in Somerset, Prewett Bizley Architects produce well crafted, energy-efficient buildings with a sensitive approach to context. Through a creative dialogue with our clients we seek to create engaging, atmospheric spaces that are a pleasure to use, responsive to needs of their users and that bring lasting improvements to the quality of people’s lives.

    We give practical and useful advice that enables our clients to understand the design process and make informed decisions. We are committed to achieving best value for our clients according to their particular needs. We try to observe the nature of places to understand their qualities, patterns and nuances in order to propose interventions that might heal or provide continuity with the existing context.

  • Pringle Richards Sharratt

    We are an award winning, experienced studio of architects and designers who are passionate about place making.  Our portfolio is diverse, but our approach is singular: we make sure that our projects deliver. Throughout, we focus on the project’s needs and the client’s desires.  We are open and hardworking. We establish trusted relationships. We are valued for getting to the heart – and soul – of a building
    Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects is a registered:

    • RIBA Chartered Practice (no. 1673735)
    • RIBA Specialist Conservation Architects
    • ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System)
    • ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)
    • Green Register of Construction Professionals
    • Chas Accreditation – Contractors Health and Safety Scheme
    • Constructionline (no. 126605)

    Pringle Richards Sharratt is an equal opportunities employer.

  • Project Orange

    Project Orange is a multi-award winning architecture and interiors studio with a broad and original portfolio of work in the UK and overseas.

    We are unusual as a practice in placing equal importance on architecture and interior design and excel in those projects seeking a seamless marriage of the disciplines, be they homes, hotels or offices. The achievements of the studio have been recognized in RIBA Regional and National Awards, Building Design Interior Architect of the Year Awards, a Civic Trust Award, the Housing Design Awards, the British Homes Awards and The European Hotel Awards.

    Whilst always contemporary, our approach embraces an inclusive attitude to style and aesthetics apparent in the diversity of our built projects. All our work is informed by research and collaboration with our clients and partners. Through this process, we generate a narrative unique to the individual project and create spaces and places that are a joy to inhabit.

    Partners in practice and partners in life, Project Orange was founded by Cambridge University graduates, Christopher Ash and James Soane in 1997.

  • RCKa

    RCKa provides an innovative model for architectural practices operating in a challenging and changing civic and economic landscape. Our active and enterprising approach to enabling and securing projects of relevance to the local community is based upon critical dialogue, and was developed to satisfy the central ambition of the practice, to produce consistently high-quality pioneering and socially responsive architecture.

    We’re passionate about producing socially responsive architecture, beautiful buildings that respond and resonate with people and place. This approach integrates stakeholders and users in the design process to ensure proposals support use.

    We believe that only by developing a deeper knowledge of those who will use our buildings, and testing proposals with them, are we truly able to innovate.

  • Red Deer

    Red Deer is a herd of Architects, friends and designers – founded by Lionel Real de Azúa, Ciarán O’Brien and Lucas Che Tizard in an attempt to better engage with the world around them. Love for the unexpected forms a starting point in our design work, studio ethos and adventures in travel.

  • Resident

    Building upon nearly three decades of a dedicated and collaborative approach to designing valued spaces, Resident is a quality assured architectural practice with a wealth of knowledge and diverse expertise.

    With a proven track record of adding real value through high-quality, cost-effective design, our diligent, highly professional and personable team get the job done in a timely manner.

    We have a broad range of residential sector experience including strategic masterplanning, rural exception sites, AONB, Green Belt and dense urban infill sites. We understand the complexity of development and we are responsive and proactive in our efforts to achieve your project milestones and unlock the potential of difficult sites to deliver high quality design with an emphasis on value and sustainability.

  • Richard Parr Associates

    We are modern traditionalists, harnessing craft traditions and technology with contemporary design intelligence. Our architecture encompasses context, landscape, people, materials and the legacy potential inherent in every project to create authentic and wholly individual buildings, spaces and destinations.

    We specialise in exceptional residential, hotel and restaurant architecture in the UK and around the world, bringing design authenticity to urban and rural settings. Our team intelligently orchestrates collaborations of craftspeople, makers, contractors and conservation specialists to create unique buildings and spaces. For us the journey is a vital part of the picture, with the client experience always taking centre stage.

    After graduating from the Architectural Association and gaining international experience across architectural and interior design projects particularly in Spain, Richard founded his practice in the mid-90s. Now leading studios in London and the Cotswolds, Richard operates at the heart of a highly creative team. Inspired by a broad spectrum of cultural references – from fine art to architectural heritage and contemporary design – his authentic and collaborative approach yields exceptional and deeply personal spaces for individuals and organisations. Appreciating both rural and urban modes of living – and dividing his own life between them – is the basis on which Richard’s modern traditional aesthetic is founded.

  • RM_A

    RM_A are a multi award winning RIBA Chartered architectural practice based in Hampstead in North London, established for over 30 years. We have a substantial portfolio of successful completed projects with a particular expertise in the regeneration of urban brownfield sites with mixed use and residential led projects for both affordable and private sectors. We pride ourselves on being client focused – offering a responsive, efficient, personal service with site specific creative solutions which add value.

    Our clients include top UK housebuilders and developers, housing associations, contractors, health care facilities, charities, community groups and private individuals. Our clients come back to us again and again because we listen and act quickly on their instructions, we add value to their projects and we deliver on time and on budget by using efficient procedures.

  • Robert Barnes Architects

    Robert Barnes Architects was founded in 1988.  Since then, the practice has completed over 350 projects at all scales.
    We aim to provide simple robust design for our projects eschewing fashionable trends. Our planning of open flexible space allows for change in the future without the need for major structural alteration. Principals of “Long Life – Loose Fit – Low Energy” are applied where possible to give simple shaped floor plans, which can be subdivided over the life of the building in a variety of ways.
  • Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

    Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) is an international architectural practice based in London. Over three decades, RSHP has attracted critical acclaim and awards with built projects across Europe, North America and Asia. The practice is experienced in designing a wide range of building types including: office, residential, transport, education, culture, leisure, retail, civic and healthcare and the quality of these designs has been recognised with some of architecture’s highest awards, including RIBA Stirling Prizes for Terminal 4, Madrid Barajas Airport and Maggie’s London.

    To reflect the growing importance of two of the younger Partners, Graham Stirk and Ivan Harbour, and their role alongside Richard Rogers in the practice’s future, Richard Rogers Partnership became Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners in 2007. Together with other long-standing Partners, Stirk and Harbour represent the inherent continuity and consistency of the philosophy, which the practice applies to all its work.

  • Ryder

    Ryder was established in Newcastle in 1953, and now has a team of over 300 passionate people across the UK, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Amsterdam.

    We deliver pioneering architectural services across a diverse portfolio of sectors, collaborating globally with Ryder Alliance partners. Everything architecture. Our goal is simple – to improve the quality of the world around us and, in doing so, improve people’s lives.

    Everything architecture is based on principles of simplicity, usefulness and elegance. It connects people to places, from the room to the city. It defines a responsibility to an inclusive society and to the future of our planet. It is embedded as much in pioneering science and technology as in art and is the foundation for the collective journey from the initial vision through designing and making and beyond into use — learning from each project for the benefit of the next.

  • Savills

    Savills plc. is a global real estate services provider listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company has an international network of more than 600 offices and associates throughout the Americas, the UK, continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, offering a broad range of specialist advisory, management and transactional services to clients all over the world.

  • Scott Brownrigg

    We are a global design leader ranked in the UK Top 10 and within the Global Top 100 architectural practice.  We have a Vision to transform the industry and enrich lives through the built environment to create a better world. 

    We undertake projects across all major sectors from business space, education, residential and mixed use through to advanced technologies, hospitality, civic and cultural, transport and defence. We have studios across the UK in London, Edinburgh, Guildford and Cardiff and international studios in New York, Singapore and Amsterdam. These together with strategic alliances in the Middle East and Hong Kong enable us to serve our growing international client and project base.

  • Scott Tallon Walker Architects

    Scott Tallon Walker is a leading architectural practice that creates timeless, innovative and well-crafted buildings that enhance wellbeing, the public realm and the environment.

    The five studios of Scott Tallon Walker have built a long history of designing award winning buildings and interiors within all construction sectors.

    Our large, talented, multi-disciplinary team is driven to innovate and perfect our craft, incorporating advanced, sustainable solutions as an integrated part of our overall design strategy.

  • ScottWhitbystudio

    ScottWhitbystudio is an architecture and creative consultancy that operates within, on, and outside the boundaries of traditional architectural practice. The studio works with a diverse array of clients; from home-owners to international property companies and cultural institutions, on commissions that vary in scale and typology.

    Our projects range from temporary sculptural installations to projects that will take 30 years to complete. We are interested in working on creatively challenging projects that require our dexterous approach to solving our clients’ briefs in an imaginative and life-enriching way.

  • Simpson Studio

    We are an Architectural Studio focused on creating beautiful, bespoke and considered space. Founded in 2013 our designs are underpinned by an intelligent, honest, and logical response to functionality, the result of rigorous research, a strong client relationship and interrogations of light, proportion, scale, materials, site and culture. From a City scale all the way down to the design of a single doorknob, our holistic approach to buildings and design respect and celebrate the Architect as Master Builder.

  • Skene Catling de la Peña

    Skene Catling de la Peña architects is an award-winning practice based in London. Formed by Charlotte Skene Catling and Jaime de la Peña in 2003, they have completed projects around the world, with sites in London, New York, Berlin, Moscow and Beijing. In 2015, Flint House was awarded the RIBA House of the Year and RIBA South Building of the Year Award.

    Skene Catling de la Peña’s work addresses a wide variety of typologies for private, commercial and public sector clients. There is a strong emphasis on research throughout the development of their projects which leads to the rigorous exploration of ideas and possibilities at all scales from concept to detail. Early stage research leads to innovative solutions that have an inherent integrity and beauty, but that can also produce economies. Other disciplines are cross referenced as a means of questioning design solutions and they run explorative projects in areas such as film and music in parallel with their practice.

    Skene Catling de la Peña was included among Wallpaper* Magazine’s Top 50 Young Architects in the World, and The Daily Telegraph’s list of ‘Britain’s Top Notch Architects’. The practice has been extensively published internationally.

  • Skyroom

    Skyroom is an award-winning technology and urban development company which delivers precision-manufactured homes in the airspace above existing buildings. Our mission is to improve the lives of key workers by delivering affordable, sustainable, beautiful homes near where they work.

  • Smith & Newton Architects

    Without governance or prejudice to style and architectural trends, we carefully, and appropriately, design bespoke architectural solutions that draw on their collective experience to mitigate risk and drive efficiency. Our combined experience covers a wide range of architectural sectors and we are able to provide a full architectural design service working designs through from feasibility and brief formulation onto construction completion.

  • Smith Brooke Architects

    Simon Smith and Michael Brooke Architects is a medium-sized architectural practice with over 34 years’ experience in residential, heritage and commercial architecture.

    Founded in 1984 we have gone on to undertake a wide variety of projects across the UK, and beyond. The majority of our work is high quality residential refurbishment and new-build for private clients and developers.

    Many of these involve listed buildings, both houses in London and the country, guiding clients through listed building consents and working sympathetically with the fabric to give a well designed and practical solution both for the present and the future.

    Other works include new build houses, flats, offices, libraries, hotels and schools all within the private sector, with an emphasis on green solutions.

    A particular expertise is in dealing successfully with the contradictions that make up planning legislation across the country be it in England, Wales or Scotland.

    We also offer assistance with interior design, landscaping, gardens and furniture design as well as conventional architectural work.

  • SODA

    SODA is an award-winning studio of architects and designers. We approach each and every project with fresh ideas and new perspectives. We push boundaries and rouse ambition; working with people who inspire, on projects that excite.

    From a liqueur distillery in London’s East End to a new hotel concept for creatives; a contemporary take on a Soho member’s club to the careful refurbishment of London’s listed landmarks.

    Working across scales and sectors, we aspire for all our designs to enthuse and provoke. We collaborate to support visionary and entrepreneurial spirit, with a design approach that brings brands to life. A meticulous eye for detail, a passion for materials and above all a drive to create. We translate big ideas into beautifully crafted spaces, identities and places.

  • Solidspace

    Solidspace is an independent developer who believes that it is small and medium-sized developments that can really contribute positively to our cities today and help us build the new homes that we so desperately need.

    The Solidspace DNA is our trademark design concept that arranges spaces for eating, living and working over an open series of half-levels. The DNA can be configured in a number of different ways and is designed to exploit both volume and light, creating modern homes that are spacious and flooded with natural light. By using half-levels, the stairs double up as corridors creating a double-height void and our open-plan design takes out redundant walls, thereby allowing light in from all angles.

  • Something & Son

    Something & Son is a collaborative and activist led collective working across art, design and architecture creating diverse work that is socially and environmentally driven.

    We use the freedom that only the arts allows to create real lasting change in the world. Our deep and hands-on approach to public art has led us to set up four new organisations, that exist to this day; the direct creation of 40+ jobs and the inspiration for many a copycat project. These impacts are incidental to the core purpose behind our work – to bring new and important ideas, energy and politics into the everyday world.

  • Squire & Partners

    Squire and Partners is an architecture and design practice with experience spanning four decades, earning it an international reputation for architecture informed by the history and culture of where it is placed. Their award winning portfolio, for some of the world’s leading developers, includes masterplans, private and affordable residential, workspace, retail, education and public buildings. In addition the practice has a dedicated interior design department, which has created a number of bespoke product ranges.

    Squire and Partners’ approach responds to the unique heritage and context of each site, considering established street patterns, scale and proportions, to create timeless architecture rooted in its location. Embracing traditional and emerging technologies in craft and construction, the practice is renowned for delivering a rigorously detailed product.

    We employ over 150 architects and architectural assistants, who work on a range of work from small bespoke commissions through to substantial mixed-use developments and urban masterplans.


    Stanhope is the LSA’s first Founding Partner. With more than £20 billion of projects completed over 30 years, the developer’s successful track record includes landmark schemes such a Broadgate, Paternoster Square and Chiswick Park, with new projects including Television Centre and White City Place. Stanhope has a focused team of development entrepreneurs from professional property and construction backgrounds including surveyors, engineers and building experts, together with a finance team and support staff. Uniquely, many of the Stanhope executive team have worked together for over 15 years.


  • Stanton Williams

    Stanton Williams is a Stirling Prize-winning architectural design practice based in London. The practice has developed its portfolio from an initial focus on museums and galleries towards a wide variety of projects, creating places that sensitively respond to their cultural, social and physical context.

    Our commitment to design quality and spaces that work is matched by our design integrity, culture and attention to detail. Our architecture is about how people experience place and how place affects them. Our work reconnects people with their environment through the careful manipulation of the sensual qualities of light, material and space. We create spaces that support and encourage the expression of contemporary life.

  • Stead and Co

    We provide a full architectural and design service covering the RIBA work stages, from feasibility studies to contract administration.

    We have been fortunate to have worked on a variety of really interesting projects, ranging from city-wide lighting installations, new build churches, listed Medieval halls to residential refurbishments and school extensions.

    In particular, we specialise in existing spaces.  There is nothing more exciting than giving an existing building, whether historic, mid-century or relatively new, a new lease of life.  All buildings have some sort of history, not just in terms of itself, but how it fits into the wider community and streetscape. Whether finding new uses or extending its life, working with existing properties is both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

    We also act as specialised education architects, and are able to advise education establishments on their capital projects as well as collaborating on learning programmes.

  • Stiff+Trevillion

    Stiff+Trevillion are a well-established West London practice with a strong reputation for elegant and sophisticated architecture. Collaboration is at the heart of the practice’s ethos. From the development of the brief with the client, to the delivery of the project with the design team, we work together.

    Established in the early 1980’s the studio employs around 60 people. As well as architects and technicians, we employ interior and furniture designers. This blend of skills reflects the work we do across the commercial, restaurant & retail and private residential sectors and builds a rich and creative working environment.

    We have built a good reputation and strong working relationships with many central London boroughs, and whilst most of our work is in the capital, we carry out projects across the UK and overseas.

  • studio 8FOLD

    Studio 8FOLD sees architecture as a powerful nexus to fuse social & environmentally conscious projects with capital-driven projects, spatializing an outcome that leverages the best attributes of each. We seek out organisations that aim to bring about a cultural shift for a more sustainable world, starting at a neighbourhood scale, and with this innovative initiative create a powerful USP for the capital-driven party involved. Through our unique set of skills in synthesising research, spatial intelligence, and bringing together the right people we help both parties to find a win-win outcome. At Studio 8FOLD we value collaboration, initiative, and offer synthesis through spatial intelligence.

  • Studio Egret West

    Studio Egret West was established in November 2004 by Christophe Egret and David West with a shared vision: to offer strategy with architectural specificity; and specificity within an overall strategy.

    Studio Egret West brings surprise and delight to place making.  Architecture is too often seen in isolation from its urban context. Planning is too often seen as soulless, unspecific proposals that gather dust on shelves.

    We believe that the way forward is the osmosis between planning and architecture. Studio Egret West is just this. We follow no formula and no recipe. Not just architecture by architects and not just planning by planners.

    50/50 Architecture/Urban Design with the public realm prioritised as the foundation of sustainable communities.

  • Studio Octopi

    Studio Octopi was founded in 2003 by James Lowe and Chris Romer-Lee. The practice has established itself as one of London’s leading smaller practices by delivering diverse, exemplary, award winning architecture. Over the last five years the practice has worked on projects in the arts, residential, leisure, education and commercial sectors.

    The practice approaches projects through a rigorous understanding of a site’s current and historical conditions, alongside a collaborative spirit and discourse with both the client and consultants. The practice was founded to offer a ‘hands-on’ architectural service for clients with particularly challenging and unconventional projects. Studio Octopi  has carved out an approach that has led to increasingly complex and diverse briefs from across the sectors with a strong emphasis on research.

    In 2013 the practice founded Thames Baths CIC (Community Interest Company) and in 2014 the proposals for re-introducing swimming in River Thames raised £142,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign. Community-based urban water projects are now integral to the practice. In 2016 the competition winning proposals for Peckham Lido will go live on Spacehive.

  • Studio Weave

    Studio Weave is an award-winning RIBA Chartered Architecture Practice based in London. We balance a joyful, open-minded approach with technical precision to create a diverse body of work in the UK and abroad for public, private and commercial clients. We value idiosyncrasies, from the characteristics that make somewhere unique, to the particular skills of a master craftsperson.

    We aim to harness the strengths of a project and its team to create something distinctive and of exceptional quality. Our work has been acknowledged by numerous awards including RIBA South East Building of the Year 2013 for Ecology of Colour, the Architectural Review’s International Emerging Architecture Awards and the Civic Trust Awards where The Longest Bench won the Special Award for Community Impact and Engagement.

  • Surman Weston

    At Surman Weston, every building we make is carefully designed to respond to the users and location. We create buildings that are flexible to the changing needs of the people that use them and the places they inhabit.

    We eschew a house style, instead spending the early stages of a project analysing and interrogating the brief and context. With these, we develop designs that are highly contextually sensitive, with careful consideration of materiality, construction technique, use and function.

    Our RIBA Chartered practice was established in 2014 and is led by Tom Surman and Percy Weston. We are regular tutors for the undergraduate course at the University of Cambridge and have taught and lectured at institutions including the Royal College of Art and the University of Westminster.

  • SUSD

    USD specialises in delivering standard-setting, complex projects, within strict time and budget requirements. Our vision is to provide a project delivery service of the highest standard incorporating collaborative working combined with innovative thinking.

  • Sybarite

    Sybarite is a global architectural and design studio leading the evolving world of experiential culture in retail and hospitality.

    A meeting of minds, Torquil McIntosh and Simon Mitchell set out with a shared expansive creative vision for luxury retail in 2002. Now, 21 years later, the London-based studio has achieved some 2,800 projects to date globally. Projects range from micro to macro – be it a perfume bottle, a retail roll out, a department store or a mixed-use masterplan, among which includes Marni global flagship stores, Ferrari Ready-To-Wear flagship stores, the Moët & Chandon Champagne Bar at Harrods (LVMH), and mostly renowned SKP and SKP-S in Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, with more in the pipeline to be disclosed in the future.

    The most recent project that launched in January 2023 was SKP Chengdu, this has led the way for a new blueprint in mixed-use retail and hospitality for the future.

    The studio is built on a culture that celebrates collaboration, develops creativity, and strives for innovation. Embracing 360-degree approach to all areas of design and architecture and everything that holistically bolts on in-between is what motivates the team of 90+ architects, interior designers, visualisers, graphic designers, branders, product designers and marketeers.



    WeChat: @Sybarite

  • Takero Shimazaki Architects

    t-sa is an architectural atelier focused on producing work of enduring tactile quality. Its methodology deeply engages with each character of the specific context and materiality of each project. Context meaning the existing built fabric, its details, city, landscape as well as the stories and the narratives of the client and the inhabitants. Social, cultural, economical and political aspects of the background context also play important roles regardless of the scale of the project.

    t-sa believes in working with what already exists on site in the most economical means, delivering enriched and renewed built-life to each project. The notion of renewal is researched and investigated within the practice and through teaching at t-sa forum, our own independently run research school. Through materials and each specific context, t-sa has an interest in emotional qualities in the textures and tactility as well as connecting to the past and the future for each project environment.

    From refurbishment of small spaces to new build projects, t-sa seeks for the core essence of each architectural challenge for our clients and aims to create timeless architecture with clarity and sensitive subtleties. It is helping to construct the future heritage of our built environment and landscapes.

  • Tate Harmer

    Tate Harmer is an international architecture practice based in London, specialising in low-energy, low impact projects with the highest design standards carefully integrated into communities. Our award-winning work ranges from single buildings to masterplans and planning strategies, in both a local and global context. We are experienced in residential, cultural and leisure projects that require innovative construction methods in some of the most sensitive natural and historic contexts.

    We bring big ideas to the table and match them with an in-depth knowledge of how to build complex structures. Our motivated team of talented designers seeks to find creative and responsible solutions to any given brief. This personality comes through in all of our buildings, which is evident in our response to site conditions, materials or client requirements. We are passionate about the construction stage of any given project but the most exciting moment is those first conversations where we strive to understand what is important to our clients, what they want to achieve from a project and how we can help that happen.

  • TDO Architecture

    At TDO we share a belief that architecture can bring clarity amid complexity. Every project starts with an open mind, and we enjoy investigating and challenging conventions.

    TDO began when we were invited by Wallpaper* to design and make a contemporary doll’s house. This commission allowed us to develop our beliefs about simple forms, intersecting geometries and exposed materials – all of which have become part of the enduring language of our practice.

    We work on projects of all scales, looking at every aspect of a brief until we find clarity. Often it’s just one element that can really unlock a building. For our Fab House project with Urban Splash and Places for People, we made the most of the modular construction, revealing the timber beams which brought character, beauty and increased height to the space. For our new-build house on Old Church Street, we designed the arrangement and depth of the windows to respond to both the historic rhythm of the street and the internal spaces. And for The Modern House’s new headquarters, we created an unusually flexible workspace, with desks that can be adjusted, moved and reconfigured to make it a space with many uses.

    We’re drawn to these kinds of projects – projects which invite us to use our imagination, our energy and our skills.

    Our studio in Southwark is run by Tom Lewith and Doug Hodgson. Owen Jones, the third founding director, is head of design at MOBIE, an educational charity developing modern methods of construction. So we’re one step ahead when it comes to advances in off-site and modular construction – now an important part of our approach – and we positively enjoy putting our knowledge into practice.

  • The Furniture Practice

    We are an international furniture specialist.

    For over 25 years we have worked with leading businesses, architects and designers, and project teams to deliver complex projects anywhere in the world.

    With offices in the UK, Europe and the US, we provide consultancy, procurement, delivery and installation, and post-project support to clients across a range of sectors, including workplace, co-working, build to rent, hospitality, education and home working.

  • The Klassnik Corporation

    Embracing unusual and challenging briefs, we produce work across a broad spectrum of disciplines and range of scales for private residential, commercial and local authority clients. The diversity of our projects creates productive juxtapositions in processes, problems and materials. As a practice we are particularly interested in the potential for architecture to communicate identity and intelligently resolve briefs whatever the context through an understanding and synthesis of cultural references, social context and technical feasibility.

  • Tonkin Liu

    The origin of each project grows out of the place it is sited, the people who will occupy it, and the culture that surrounds it at that particular time. This emphatic search for beginnings is set out in our book Asking Looking Playing Making (1999). The design methodology searches for archetypes that will inform the process of the project from inception, through completion, to the reading of the work.

    Mike Tonkin was educated at the Royal College of Art in London and Anna Liu was educated at Columbia University in New York, both qualified as architects in the UK. They came together in Hong Kong with an interest in dismantling current mythology and, through their observations, invent their own. Teaching and research have formed a vehicle for exploration over the last 15 years. The teaching at the AA School of Architecture 2001-2005 explored patterns of construction in nature and patterns of behavior in human nature.

    Tonkin Liu’s projects include award-winning urban regeneration schemes, buildings, landscape, and artwork. Each project is an exploration of our relationship to nature. Some projects celebrate changing weather and seasons, some evoke the power of nature as symbols, whilst others emulate natural form and performance, using lessons in nature to inspire pioneering construction techniques. Our preoccupation with nature informs our design process, whether through bio-mimicry or by using elements nature generously gives us for free. The search in each project brings to the fore a persistent interest in nature and human nature.

  • tp bennett

    tp bennett is a multi-disciplinary design practice of 350 staff focussing on architecture, interiors and planning in the UK and internationally. tp bennett is headquartered in London with Manchester and Leeds offices serving the North of England.

    We are part of a global network, which includes 30 affiliate offices across EMEA, Americas and APAC region.

  • Turner Works

    Turner Works is an award-winning architectural studio, that believes in creating thought-provoking and well-crafted architectural projects.

    As a studio we are creative, responsive and not afraid to take a risk when it feels right. As a consequence, we have found ourselves playing the role of not only architect but also developer, curator and maker.

    With a passionate belief that architecture can enrich lives and make a difference to those that use and engage with it, we always start by examining the context in which we are working and respond with design solutions that we feel are appropriate and right to the situation we are presented with.

    Founded in 2006 by Carl Turner, the practice has established a reputation for delivering high impact projects, often producing innovative design solutions despite limited resources. We work with a diverse range of clients including local authorities, arts and cultural organisations, not for profits and commercial developers.

  • Undercover Architecture

    Established by Luke and Estelle Chandresinghe in 2012, Undercover is a London based practice of young, vibrant, maverick architects and designers committed to excellence, innovation, attention to detail and strategic thinking. The practice’s team come from backgrounds in Architecture, Engineering, Set Design and Fashion and Undercover projects are a result of the caring, creative and dedicated nature of its team and of the bespoke comprehensive knowledge offered to its clients.

  • Unknown Works

    Unknown Works is an award-winning design studio based in London and Hong Kong. The studio’s work spans the fields of architecture, urban design, immersive events, exhibition design, installation art, graphics and digital media.

    We work at all scales; from the creation of cultural and commercial buildings, residential projects, urban design and infrastructure projects to multi-media performances and immersive interventions. We apply architectural thinking to fields beyond, exploring bold ideas through critical research using writing, exhibitions, film and illustration.

    Unknown Works are fascinated by the human condition, the development of cities, the interactions of social and urban environments and the mechanics of space distribution. From inception to completion, our goal is to uncover the hidden potentials of a projects brief and context in order to arrive at a solution that is architecturally refined, when required disruptive, and always progressive. We strive to benefit people and places through stimulating projects that have a positive lasting impact.

  • vPPR

    vPPR Architects was set up in 2009 by Tatiana von Preussen, Catherine Pease and Jessica Reynolds, and is an award-winning practice known for bold designs that work intelligently in complex locations. Inspired by design from both the UK and the US, we believe that architecture can and should be brave through simple, honest clarity, while still responding to local history and context. We design buildings that find opportunities in constraints, responding with elegant yet striking forms that playfully negotiate between private and communal spaces.

    We work at home and abroad on projects that range from urban masterplans to private houses, from the cultural to the commercial. We find that universal principles can be applied across sectors, helping to reinvent building types to suit modern life. Housing is a passion and we not only deliver projects but also speak publicly on the subject and have been featured in major national exhibitions.

    The studio operates under the belief in the continual crossover between art and architecture, seeking creative solutions that strengthen communities, no matter how large or small. Our work has received critical acclaim, as well as a number of awards for both the practice and our projects. We are immersed in the design community, creating installations and teaching at some of the most prestigious schools in the country.

  • Walters & Cohen

    Walters & Cohen was founded in 1994 by Cindy Walters and Michál Cohen, and has actively developed an international portfolio of education, housing, commercial, public and cultural projects from our studio in Kentish Town, London. We are a design-led practice whose focus is on producing beautiful buildings that are intimately connected to context and function. We approach the design of all buildings, but especially those in sensitive settings, with respect for the scale, character and materiality of the site and its surroundings. We are proud of the practice Walters & Cohen has become, with talented, international staff, award-winning buildings and many happy clients.

  • Waugh Thistleton Architects

    Waugh Thistleton was established in 1997. Nineteen years on we have established an international reputation for our beautiful buildings.

    We are dedicated to designing buildings that acknowledge their environmental impact and are deeply engaged with modern technologies for building in wood, particularly Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).  Since completing the landmark ‘Stadthaus’ project on Murray Grove in 2008, we have become world leaders in delivering CLT buildings demonstrating that this technology, originally developed for alpine huts, can support buildings across all scales and complexities.

    Designing buildings that are inherently sustainable by virtue of their construction allows us to also address context, scale, form and proportion in our work without submitting to the clichés of ‘hair shirt’ sustainability. Having established the use of these modern technologies in housing we are now intent on doing the same for the commercial sector.

  • We Made That

    We Made That is an energetic architecture and urbanism practice with a strong public conscience. We work with our clients to prepare incisive urban research, to develop responsive area strategies and masterplans and to deliver distinctive architecture and public realm projects.

    All our work is public, and we aim to make imaginative and considered contributions to the built environment through socially-engaged design processes. The relationship between local communities, development and creative practice is a particular focus of our work and we believe that – handled correctly – it can lead to enriched, exciting and engaging places.

  • WestonWilliamson+Partners

    We are a design-led practice, who relish a challenge and with a strong record of delivery. Our work is all about the people who use it; how they will inhabit and experience the buildings, places and artefacts that we design.

    We take a whole life approach, considering how our designs will adapt, retain their relevance and continue to be enjoyed for years to come. We enjoy seeing our projects through to completion; making them helps us to design better places. The way buildings are put together, how things connect, support, touch and enclose informs all of our work.

    We value simplicity and elegance; what is essential to ensure the intelligent use of the world’s resources.

  • What Architecture

    We consider that the design process begins not with the passive response to a brief, but in the active appraisal of ‘what building, where?

  • WilkinsonEyre

    WilkinsonEyre is one of the world’s leading architectural practices with a portfolio of national and international award-winning projects. Since our inception in 1983, we have built a portfolio of bold, beautiful, intelligent architecture in sectors as diverse as culture, sport and leisure, education, infrastructure, residential, office and large-scale masterplanning.

    Project highlights include Guangzhou International Finance Center – one of the tallest buildings in the world, the giant, cooled conservatories for Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, the restoration of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s Battersea Power Station,  and the acclaimed temporary structure of the London 2012 Olympic Games Basketball Arena.

  • William Smalley

    William Smalley established his office in 2010. An architect of rare sensibility, he shares a deep understanding for old buildings and their contexts with an excitement for new spaces. His work seeks to create memorable spaces of strong materiality.

    Current work includes private residential projects in the UK, New York and the French Alps.

  • Wimshurst Pelleriti

    At Wimshurst Pelleriti we are creative in our design, attentive to our client’s expectations and considered in our approach. The cornerstone of our practice is our belief that good architecture should not just appeal on an aesthetic or economic level, it should also be forward-thinking and enhance the health and wellbeing of the end-user and the community it serves. Our approach integrates research and development, the use of innovative materials, a willingness to view problems from all angles, and a desire to deliver positive social impact.  Using our team’s considerable knowledge, skill and experience, we create beautiful and practical architecture that exceeds expectations.

    We also develop our own buildings and so in some cases we act as both architect and client. This gives us an invaluable ability to understand the client’s point of view and the construction process from every perspective.

  • Wright & Wright

    Wright & Wright was formed in 1994 by Sandy and Clare Wright, and has grown steadily since then. Stephen Smith  joined the practice in 2005 and became a partner in 2011. We limit our portfolio in order that the partners are involved in every project – they discuss each project, and often work together on them.

    We are committed to producing high-quality buildings. This requires persistence at each stage of the project. It begins with an understanding of our clients’ aspirations and continues via supporting them throughout the life of a project and beyond. We hope the fact that clients repeatedly commission us is evidence of our good work.

  • Yellow Cloud Studio

    Yellow Cloud Studio is a design-led London based architecture and design practice, undertaking large and medium scale projects throughout the UK and Europe. It was founded by Eleni Soussoni and Romanos Tsomos in 2013.

    The work ethos of the studio derives from the diverse architectural studies of its founders and their passion to explore new ideas, challenge stereotypes and improve the quality of spaces. The direct result is an architectural language that aspires to create a seamless symbiosis of form and function, using natural light and materiality as the main tools.

    The distinct character of our design derives from our philosophy to reveal the pure architectural form of each space, celebrating its strengths with natural and honest materiality and concealing its weaknesses with smart layout solutions.

  • ZCD Architects

    ZCD Architects is a multidisciplinary practice, run by Dinah Bornat and Cordula Weisser, our work ranges from award-winning buildings to masterplanning and regeneration.

    Creative, rigorous, innovative and playful we deliver projects across the public and private sectors – always motivated by our commitment to high quality design with a social purpose.

    Our people-centred approach puts our clients and their needs at the heart of everything we do, whether we are creating a beautiful new home, or advocating for the involvement of young people in the design of our cities.