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Founded in 2005, Coffey Architects has built a strong reputation for designing beautifully crafted, intelligent buildings that ingeniously add value for our clients. Whatever the scale and no matter what kind of client, our talent is to choreograph the demands of strategic objective, budgets, deadlines and delivery for great results.

A growing team of 25 talented and dedicated architects, we share a culture of excellence. Our projects have been recognised with a clutch of awards won against stiff competition. People, context and light are our driving concerns. Good architecture is measured by its adaptability and response to its context, social life, the people using it and the light that fills it. Our architecture is for people – all people. We want the spaces we design to promote social interaction and set the stage for living, without barriers. In that sense, we are not wedded to any one style but believe in the power of design tailored to need, wish and context. In our hearts, architecture merely frames light both literally and metaphorically. Manipulating it is our starting point for finding elegant answers to our clients’ questions. In this way, we will never abandon beauty in our quest for the functional and pragmatic.

Environmental, social and economic issues are integral to our process. This mindset encourages collaboration with our design team colleagues, clients, investors, stakeholders and, of course, end-users.

More than anything, though, we are inspired by the fragility of the planet. The earth is our home in the cosmos, full of wonder but vulnerable. We are moved not just to protect it, but to attempt in some way to capture its impossible beauty.

Science Museum Research Centre, London by Coffey Architects, which donated a Named Bursary this year