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Ben Adams Architects

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Established in 2010, Ben Adams Architects has quickly developed a reputation for elegant, contextual architecture balancing function with an appropriate degree of innovation and flair.

Our built portfolio demonstrates an ability to design buildings that fulfill clients’ immediate needs, but which also provides enough flexibility to meet changing requirements in the future.

Our approach is simple and effective. We employ a rigorous process which ensures that time, budget and stakeholders are all managed exceptionally well, but also allows for the creativity and inspiration essential for buildings which delight.

At Ben Adams Architects we have particular expertise in the intelligent refurbishment of existing buildings, delivering projects which are contemporary yet respectful of their site, surroundings and historic conditions. We diagnose the existing strengths and weaknesses of a building to fully unlock its potential, rationalising circulation, entrances or social spaces to add experiential and commercial value.

Trust and understanding are vital for project success. From the outset we invest significant time and resources to build good relationships with clients and stakeholders. Helping our clients navigate the complexities of the decision-making process by providing expert guidance and advice is a crucial part of this relationship. We aim to enthuse and motivate both stakeholders and the design team to ensure that we help to champion and deliver the original project vision.

Much of our work is underpinned by ongoing research and development projects. This critical approach is fundamental to the way we work. From the properties and appropriateness of materials to evolving urban typologies, research roots our practice in a wider context, and helps to inform the criteria for successful architecture.

The Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch entrance on Willow Street. (credit Nicholas Worley)