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AOC is a practice of architects and designers based in east London. Established in 2005 we have gained international recognition for our inventive inquiry, participatory practice and characterful designs. We have a distinct reputation for high quality public buildings, cultural institutions and residential projects located in sensitive contexts.

We are committed to a generous architecture that is particular, participative and valuable. We do not have a house style, preferring instead to explore the social and cultural context of each situation to develop appropriate formal responses. We use the associative and sensory qualities of materials, embracing pattern, texture and colour, to create communicative and suggestive spaces.

Our completed work includes a diverse range of buildings, as well as exhibitions, public realm, landscapes, interiors, temporary installations and neighbourhood masterplans. The practice has won numerous architectural competitions and has been internationally published and exhibited, including the Venice Biennale 2008.

Our work is nourished through research and collaborations with experts, academics and students. The directors teach in London, lecture in Europe and USA and have been the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Professors at Yale. They currently sit on design review panels for Berkshire, Hackney and Southwark and contribute to contemporary architectural culture through writing and public debate.

The Green community centre in Southwark