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Alan Baxter

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Alan Baxter is a broadly-based design-led consultancy operating within the built environment.

We are 120 strong with a fee turnover of £8.0 million. Our professional work is underpinned by our financial health and our ownership structure which protects our independence.

All of our design work and advice starts with a thorough and detailed understanding of the brief, the project constraints and related issues. We research sites and buildings. We understand their evolution, context and history. We draw on that understanding to inform our professional work. Our knowledge base, which we energetically develop and maintain is available to enrich our work and stimulate new ideas. We maintain a communication and recording system within the office that ensures relevant knowledge is shared on all of our projects for the benefit of our clients. The Directors are fully involved across the complete range of our work as a result. We are keen that common sense prevails and are wary of over-clever willful solutions just because “one can”.

Oxford Castle