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LSA Summer Design Charrette


A two-day design charrette took place on 7-8 July to address critical urban challenges and produce rapid spatial solutions to improve life by design.

For practitioners, it was an opportunity to test new approaches and disciplinary methods for a site currently under consideration for a change of use, forging new relationships with students, collaborators and the London Borough of Hackney.

For students, it was an opportunity to collaborate with new designers, develop skills, produce swift proposals and re-energise for transition from school to industry.

The two days included site visits, a seminar with landscape architect Irene Djao-Rakitine, workshops and the presentation of ideas across the charrette groups at Hackney Town Hall, where they were joined by members of the LB Hackney Regeneration Team for feedback and reflections.

Participants ranged from architects to musicians, artists, bio-technical engineers, landscape architects, writers and newly graduated LSA students.

The charrette was kindly sponsored by Ballymore, who also attended some of the workshop, to contribute thoughts from a development perspective.

The outputs of the charrette will be shared next week and available through our website.

Further charrettes will be taking place throughout 2022/23 in order to test new approaches that are informed by interdisciplinary perspectives to create maximum positive impact.
The Charrettes were kindly sponsored by Ballymore.  Roger Black, Creative Director at Ballymore said: “Good design is at the forefront of everything Ballymore does.  It was refreshing to see the new LSA graduates working alongside experienced practitioners and interdisciplinary experts who all brought different perspectives to the table.  There was a healthy exchange of ideas and topics of discussion around how to create a sustainable community space for the residents of Hackney.”

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