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Why Apply to the LSA?

Why you should apply to the LSA? We ask our Academic Director, Samantha Hardingham, on what makes the LSA the place to be for Part II MArch.

“If you are looking for a truly progressive and practical route in to the architectural profession – come to the LSA.”

Everything that is built into our MArch in Designing Architecture RIBA/ARB Part 2 – from curriculum to the way we function as a school community is designed in support of the school’s vision that people living in cities experience more fulfilled and more sustainable lives.

Our full-time Masters’ programme was founded in 2012 offering a viable alternative to other UK courses based on:

  • fairer and lower fees (supported by paid practice placements in Yr 1)
  • a commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion to overcome potential barriers into the profession (generous bursary and scholarships schemes available and a design-focused application form)
  • a progressive and practical educational model that unites a world-beating network of professional practitioners and academics (the first of its kind in London)
  • a design-focused curriculum that combines studio-based study with practice-based learning

Based in the heart of east London we use the city as our campus. It is both a focus for study – where all research and project work is directed – and a vast learning resource that includes our ever-expanding network of outstanding London-based architectural practices, local authority and industry expertise, access to archives, libraries and learned societies and use of specialist making facilities.

This means that any one of our students in a given week of study will work (that means research, design, write, draw, critique and share ideas) with up to four different mixed teams of professionals, experts and tutors on group and individual design projects. At the LSA each student is at the centre of building their own network so that they are equipped as agile, proactive and resourceful proto-practitioners.


Here is what our students say about us:


“The first year allowed me to think critically about our industry and the effect of our work in ways I hadn’t before.”


“The tutors have been excellent and the lectures really broad ranging”


“I feel more mature in review of existing buildings, and more sure of my own architectural sympathies”


“Resilience and complexity of thought when developing new ideas, conducting research, and pushing design”


“it’s been all about learning the processes of design..”


“The extensive connection with London practice is one of the best things about the LSA.”


Find out more at our open evening, 24th February, and click the link below to start your application to the LSA.