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Sam Butler — The Co-Evolving Workplace


Graduation year — 2022

Email — sam.butler@the-LSA.org

Instagram – @arch_stb

Phone number –  07585550534

Tutors – Hannah Lawson & Maurizio Mucciola

Location — Regent Studios, London Borough of Hackney

Size — 15,000sqm



To establish a regenerative retrofit solution that sees our existing workplaces move from degrading to regenerative, de-humanising to co-evolving and disconnected to harmonious. By learning from nature and challenging existing programmes, it aims to create a new workplace typology that promotes a regenerative building, regenerative humans and a regenerative planet.



Typically, our workplaces are degenerative in design, de-humanising and disconnected from their place. The pandemic has allowed a moment in time for us to question what the workplace typology really means to us and challenge what it can be going forward in relation to our planets life, buildings lives and human lives.



By treating the building as much of a client as its owners, a proactive retrofit of the existing building will improve the health of the overall building and provide better working conditions for the users. An additional CLT structure will then wrap the existing building to provide new spaces for social interaction, connections to nature and new working environments.



The proposal supports and enhances the existing building both in performance and user experience while simultaneously adding new space designed around nature. Rather than green-washing, these new spaces welcome a new workplace programme to improve user well-being, health and productivity while connecting it to its place and surrounding context.