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Ross Langtree — Wick Ridge


Graduation year — 2022

Email — ross.langtree@the-LSA.org

Instagram — @rosco627

Phone number — 07340698437

Tutors — Jesper Henriksson & Akari Takebayashi

Location — Wick Woodland, London Borough of Hackney

Size — 23,000 sqm



Protect London’s wild spaces and provide ecological housing.



The response to London’s housing shortage has been insufficient and inadequate. The design of high quality housing is the most responsible architectural undertaking of our time. Cities are widely acknowledging the benefits of trees as infrastructure, serving as spiritual and cultural icons, storing carbon, reducing the heat island effect and improving biodiversity. Can we design housing while allowing more space for trees?



To protect the woodland the project will densify the exisiting built environment. The design will shelter the woodland and local area from noise and air pollution from the A12 motorway by building above it. The building will act as a bridge, connecting East Wick to the woodland. Generous terraces will allow space for planting, increasing biodiversity.



Through the economization of high density residential construction, additional spatial programs such as supplementary communal spaces and private areas such as terraces can be included and therefore a high quality of life be financed and realized at city, building, and apartment level. The densification of this residential space can allow extensive open and wild space, allowing nature to provide climate resilience.