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Mikolaj Strug — Identity and Accessibility


Graduation year — 2022

Email — mikolaj.strug@the-LSA.org

Instagram — @nickstrug

Phone number — 07490392593

Tutors — Jesper Henriksson & Akari Takebayashi

Location — Broadway Market, London Borough of Hackney

Size — 7,770sqm


Objective —

My objective is to create a space for the exchange of ideas, employment development and intergenerational cooperation. A space for rest and self-development for the most vulnerable members of the society and a place where the community can gather. That would be done by proposing a space for young people and the elderly to interact with the community by integrating youth support, social, co-working areas and housing for the elderly.


Motivation —

Hackney is one of the most deprived areas in London. Many young people are struggling from lack of facilities, lack of opportunities and separation from the general public. On top of that, there is a growing need to provide housing for the elderly and down on luck young adults.


Strategy —

By joining the community spaces, elderly housing and youth centre facilities I plan to create a building that would serve as an anchor point for Broadway Market community. The proposed building would not be closed off from the street but would bring the city inside by opening up the inner courtyard and providing many opportunities for observation and semi-public interaction with terraces facing towards the high street.



By creating a space to expose youth culture and providing elderly housing I want to promote intergenerational cooperation and openness towards the other person. This building is designed to enable and encourage interaction with those who use it. It would also allow young adults to gain additional skills and training and take responsibility for the building by encouraging them to be involved in managing and maintaining their environment.