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Jonathan Boon — Arrival Space


Graduation year — 2022

Email — jonathan.boon@the-LSA.org

Phone number — 07811743319

Tutors — Luke Lupton & Matt Whittaker

Location — Stepney Green, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Size — 1,600sqm



To sustainably integrate asylum seekers and refugees from diverse backgrounds and cultures into our cities on a large scale, with the impending climate induced mass migration.



In the midst of a global migrant crisis, that is only predicted to be exacerbated by the climate crisis, we must become experts at integrating and welcoming new cultures into our cities.



To develop a landmark strategy and new campus for asylum seekers and refugees which challenges the existing policies, using guerilla tactics to celebrate the benefits of diversity within our cities.



The project seeks to break down the stigma and tensions related to asylum seekers and refugees, opting to treat them as human beings, as oppose to political tactics. By challenging existing policies, Arrival Space hopes to see a reform in how asylum seekers and refugees are treated.