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Dougie Haseler — No Fixed Abode


Graduation year — 2022

Email — dougie.haseler@the-LSA.org

Phone number — 07903124175

Tutors — Matthew Whittaker & Luke Lupton

Location — Regent’s Row, London Borough of Hackney

Size — 780sqm



‘No Fixed Abode’ is a Construction Education Centre that aims to provide a sense of purpose and foster local connection within marginalised and transient communities.



In the last decade, 7 million people have been unable to receive their own post. This is due to either lack of an address, they’re moving around frequently or someone is intercepting their post.

This problem has a disproportionate affect on marginalised communities. Homeless people, survivors of domestic abuse, Gypsies and Travellers, and people living in precarious dwellings such as boats are far more likely to face these problems.



The proposal provides 400 proxy post boxes, sanitation and laundry facilities, homeless accommodation, food and a construction school. Harnessing a pedagogy of modern methods of construction within the workshop, homeless users will eventually be confident participating in construction of their own home and built community across the wider site as well as forging connections with local population.



The provision of fundamental domestic amenities, and a practical, transferrable skillset, hopes to  provide the users with a equitable and recognisable stake in wider society, with the hope of reducing ostracisation for these already disenfranchised communities. The proposal therefore manifests within an established local community a greater social cohesion and a sense of belonging.