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Join us for our November Talks series featuring Anupama Kundoo, Daniel Barber, Amin Taha and Ebony Shire

We are hosting a series of lectures, the November Talks, in partnership with the Sto Foundation, to bring to light new and radical perspectives on the built environment, delivered by practitioners and thought leaders paving the way for a more sustainable and more equitable future.

The lectures will all be free to attend and will take place on Mondays throughout November at 6.30 pm. The first two lectures will be online only and over Zoom, the latter two will be hybrid, being hosted in-person at the newly revamped (courtesy of DSDHA) National Youth Theatre.

The Line-up

  • Daniel Barber (online only)
    Architecture in the Aftermath — the theory and praxis required of architects and others to engage the climate crisis effectively
    Monday 15 November 6.30 pm — RSVP here
  • Amin Taha (in person and online)
    Monday 22 November 6.30 pm — RSVP here
    The Measure of Architecture — the ethical framework which architects negotiate to guide their skills, craft, and general practice
  • Ebony Shire (in person and online)
    Monday 29 November 6.30 pm — RSVP here
    Lichens, Queer Ecology, and the Dismantling of Binary Systems — how nature can lead to innovation in the construction industry to create a healthier and more sustainable built environment
  • Anupama Kundoo (online only)
    Thursday 2 December 6.30 pm — RSVP here
    Rethinking Urban Materiality: Time as a Resource — a critical examination of the way the time and the value of money has nudged us towards code-based design and the industrialized production of building components and, sometimes, even entire buildings themselves

November Talks

The November talks is a series of lectures starting in November and running through to early December. Made possible by the Sto Foundation, this series focuses on how the world’s foremost designers go about designing and what inspires their practice.