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Roles & Responsibilities: Registrar & Operations Director

The LSA is seeking a new Registrar and Operations Director — Deadline 28.05.21. Please find the full roles and responsibilities for this role here.


Role Name: Registrar

LSA Pillar: Programme

Role Purpose: Administrative databases and registry systems are robust and accurate.


Role Accountabilities:

  • Overseeing all registry matters for the school and programme
  • Overseeing all administrative aspects of the student journey from application to graduation
  • Managing the relationship with UKVI for EU/international students


Role Name: Operations Director

LSA Pillar: Organisation

Role Purpose: The school’s operations are efficient, effective and smooth.


Role Accountabilities:

  • Managing the Operations Team
  • Chairing the Operational Management Group
  • Reviewing and updating the Operations Manual
  • Taking day-to-day responsibility for all property-related issues including leases and service-related issues
  • Overseeing the operational running of the studio space


Role name: Governance facilitator

LSA Pillar: Organisation

Role Purpose: The school has excellent standards of governance, with transparent and regular information flows.


Role Accountabilities:

  • Managing and organising the trustee board meetings and sub-committees
  • Preparing board papers on operational matters
  • Sitting on the Executive Committee, Forum and Senate
  • Administrating and contributing to committees, formal meetings and annual reviews including the arranging and recording of these meetings


Role name: Executive Support

LSA Pillar: Organisation

Role Purpose: The senior team is fully administratively supported in their roles


Role Accountabilities:

  • Under the direction of the CEO/Head of School, managing communications with external bodies: the Office for Students (OfS), the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the Office for the Independent Adjudicator.
  • Under the direction of the Academic Director, managing communications with professional bodies: the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Architects Registration Board (ARB)
  • Under the direction of the Academic Director, managing operational relationships the academic partner, the University of Liverpool.


Role name: Compliance officer

LSA Pillar: Organisation

Role Purpose: The school evaluates all risks and implements appropriate mitigation strategies.


Role Accountabilities:

  • Considering and evaluating potential risks to the school on an ongoing basis
  • Managing the Risk Register
  • Arranging appropriate insurance for the school
  • Being the designated data officer and maintaining GDPR compliance
  • Overseeing the relationship with UKVI for EU/international students


Role Name:  Health & Safety

LSA Pillar: Organisation

Role Purpose:  The School is a safe and healthy place to study, visit and work.


Role Accountabilities:

  • Monitoring Health & Safety Law and best practices to keep up to date
  • Advising and supporting for health & safety situations and needs
  • Carrying out risk assessments when required
  • Owning the Accident Book and related reporting


Role Name: Growth Guru

LSA Pillar:  Talent

Role Purpose:  LSA employees are supported in their professional growth and development


Role Accountabilities:

  • Providing mentorship to direct reports
  • Encouraging direct reports to identify training needs, and supporting in the undertaking of those needs
  • Championing direct reports for developmental opportunities
  • Holding regular one-to-ones with direct reports
  • Carrying out regular appraisals in line with the School’s programme
  • Dealing with any unsatisfactory performance


Role Name: Student Wellbeing Support

LSA Pillar: Talent

Role Purpose:  Students are supported, and aware of support mechanisms available to them

Role Accountabilities: Liaising with the Academic Director and academic provider on:

  • Arranging pastoral services as needed with academic provider
  • Arranging wellbeing coach for drop-in sessions
  • Managing and administrating the ‘pastoral programme of events’