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Collective Peer Development is a new LSA programme for our Partner Network to learn and share ideas to enrich their professional potential. Talks from industry leaders are currently ongoing on a weekly basis and you can find the links to recordings of them below.

Not just a lecture series
Collective Peer Development is a forum for gaining and exchanging knowledge. Unlike other CPDs, we’re keen to let discussion have equal billing to presentations. Talks will last a maximum of half an hour, with 30 minutes allocated for questions and discussion. All talks, however, can count as part of your RIBA CPD hours. Sign up to hear about our CPD schedule here.

Coming up in May

Anjna Farmah & Derek Wilson (TfL)
What is Transport for London’s Sustainability Framework and how can architects can make the most of it and use it effectively?
Tues 11 May, 1pm
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Katie Tobin & Karen Willey (Always Thinking)

Why does Business Development get a bad rap and how can architects build a new culture around BD to empower practices further?
Tues 18 May, 1pm
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Harbinder Birdi (Hawkins\Brown)

Using modern methods of construction to deliver innovative, yet low carbon, architecture and infrastructure.
Tues 25 May, 1pm
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May recordings

Marc Fuzellier-Hart (Atelier Crescendo)
Acoustic design for mass timber structures.
Tues 4 May, 1pm
Recording available soon

April 2021 recordings

Tahera Rouf & Anthony Staples (RCKa)
How to unlock the social value from a project
Tues 6 April, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Holly Harrington (PDP) & Rosanna Vitiello (The Place Bureau)

Is the 15-minute city merely having its 15 minutes of fame or is it here to stay?
Tues 13 April, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Cany Ash (Ash Sakula)

How can architects maximise the potential of small sites?
Tues 20 April, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Jane Wong (DSDHA)

How can studios apply effective research to its projects and how can the practice of undertaking research feed into a studio on the whole?
Tues 27 April, 1pm
Watch the recording here

March 2021 recordings

Jerry Tate (Tate Harmer)
Jerry Tate on transforming an almost 200-year-old piece of infrastructure into a community asset.
Tues 2 March, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Dr Asif Din (Perkins + Will)

Beyond Zero: Stopping sustainability tunnel vision and how Living Design can encompass inclusion, resilience, regeneration, wellbeing as well as sustainability.
Tues 9 March, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Chris Williamson (WestonWilliamson+Partners)

What will changes in mobility mean for our cities and how can architects make the most of this?
Tues 16 March, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Robert Prewett (Prewett Bizley)

What does a fabric first approach to retrofitting and creating low carbon buildings look like?
Tues 23 March, 1pm
Watch the recording here


Maria-Chiara Piccinelli and Maurizio Mucciola of PiM.Studio discuss what re-wilding the city actually looks like.
Tues 30 March, 1pm
Watch the recording here

February 2021 recordings

Peter Morris (AHMM)
How to grow your studio — Peter Morris of AHMM goes over the growth story behind the practice
Tues 2 Feb, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Roddy Langmuir (Cullinan Studio)

Roddy Langmuir of Cullinan Studio discusses the need for a broader interpretation of sustainable design
Tues 16 Feb, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Adam Smith (Stanhope PLC)

The developer’s perspective to achieving ESG and sustainability goals within the built environment
Tues 23 Feb, 1pm
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January 2021 recordings

Rob Leechmere (Jonathan Tuckey Design)
What role do historic buildings have to play in the 21st Century and how can architects realise this?
Monday 18 Jan, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Dennis Austin (daab design)

Learn how architects can make the most from collaborative working between small and large practices
Tues 26 Jan, 1pm
Watch the recording here

December 2020 recordings

TATA Steel
Learn how architects can work with the construction industry in employing circular economy principles.
Thurs 10 Dec, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Andrew Waugh (Waugh Thistleton)

Explore the possibilities of mass timber and CLT and the role it has play in ensuring we build a sustainable planet for future generations.
Mon 14 Dec, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Dr Jan Kattein (Jan Kattein Architects)

Learn how architects can effectively engage local communities to create more inclusive and engaging places
Thurs 17 Dec, 1pm
Watch the recording here

Why we set up a CPD programme

Through Collective Peer Development, our network of 20,000 industry professionals, rich with expertise, can share knowledge while also stimulating professional leadership and comradeship as our industry addresses the big questions facing our society and planet today. We look forward to seeing you at the talks and following discussions.