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Sara Edilbe — The living cemetery

The proposed cemetery is adjacent to Tower hamlets cemetery park and creates a link all the way to mile end park.

The living cemetery — A death scape focused on sustainability and inclusivity. By Sara Edilbe



Bow, Tower hamlets 



To turn a disused site into a cemetery focused around resomation and sustainability, accommodating various death rituals for residents in Tower hamlets.



The three main issues that this project addresses are: The rising price of funerals; current body disposal methods that are harmful to the environment; and the divide between religions in cemeteries. 



A series of water channels will take visitors on a journey to the building which is simple in form from the outside, but an overgrown forest on the inside. The building includes farewell spaces, wash rooms and courtyards which wrap around a flooded gas holder that distributes water to the rest of the site. 



This cemetery typology will reduce carbon emissions and waste by current death habits and aid the decontamination of disused sites.


Build up of cemetery layers which are water routes, burials and landscape
Moments through the landscape that express the journey through the procession, the contemplation, the gathering and the farewell.
The 3 elements of the space; Resomation, which produces water that feeds into the landscape.
Rather than a typical burial arrangement, A burial block will consist of a mixture of body burials and bio urn burials and will be broken up by many paths and sensory gardens.
A walkway around the pond overgrown with planting.
Water flowing through an opening which frames the view of a cypress tree.
The washrooms face upwards to the sky & provide a calm and intimate space to prepare or view the body of a loved one.
The farewell space is connected to the landscape and is made of warm materials; timber and rammed earth.
Simplicity of the facade as you catch a glimpse of the interior courtyard
Section showing Gas-holder base and overgrown interiors.


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