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Lucy Steeden — Garden City

The Rain Garden – Celebrating rainwater through a rain chain facade and projecting wooden decks.

Garden City — Shifting societal behaviours towards an ecological way of dwelling. By Lucy Steeden.



North Woolwich, Newham, London



To create a culture of relationships between humans and nature through the typology of the garden.



  • Nature Deficiency: People living in North Woolwich have little access to nature
  • Population Growth: By 2024, Newham’s population is set to reach 381,000, a number comparable to major UK cities
  • Council House Funding: Newham received the largest amount of funding in London.



  • Maintenance Model: Create a sustainable and economically viable council housing model
  • Home: Generate a housing typology with a variety of public and private external spaces
  • Garden: Form a sustainable urban landscape centred around three unique garden typologies
  • Planet: Design to recycle water, harvest sunlight and minimise resource use



A new model of living, generated through landscape led architecture, aiming to create a holistic way of life in which humans and nature interact.


An experiential plan of Garden City — a sustainable neighbourhood connected through a landscape of garden typologies.
Ground floor landscape plan — an urban landscape centred around unique garden typologies.
Site Section — residential architecture generated through a landscape-led approach.
Flexible dwelling design — service voids in the CLT party walls allows residents to adapt their homes.
The journey through the home — from the solid outer stone wall, to transparent rain-chain facade.
Woodland walk — architecture that responds to the growth of trees and emulates the feeling of a forest.
The inhabited threshold — vertical timber planters create an environment for ivy to grow, and screen between each dwelling.
Herb planter window — the bedroom windows of the Kitchen Garden fill the space with the smell of herbs.

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