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Linda Malaeb — Whole Habitat

Whole Habitat Overview – The process of Whole Habitat – an overall view of the composition and joining of the different threshold spaces of interaction.

Whole Habitat — One home for many and any. By Linda Malaeb.



Walthamstow, Waltham Forest



To foster a collective sense of belonging through social interaction, unified in one building.



Residential developments focus on the single house, flat or unit. ‘Housing’ has become a mass noun which, in reality, isolates us from one another.



The proposed building is a unified structure with a courtyard, various entrance points, and different modes of circulation. The building is oriented around the journey of arrival, through the careful design of threshold spaces that heighten the transition from the public street to the private home. These threshold spaces are a series of steps for social interaction, which all surround a shared, overlooked courtyard.



To build homes that allow inhabitants to live both private and public lives, fostering a culture of collective living and an appreciation of shared spaces.


Steps of Interaction – Project diagram guiding the key thresholds that permit social interaction throughout the journey home. Identity is emphasised through the courtyard, conveying awareness of the presence of your community.
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Walkway — along walkways and circulation spaces specific furniture is designed to be shared between different units to increase interaction and embrace everyday life.
Inside Out — the connection between the inside of a private space within the home to the outside shared and public walkway.
Cores — the pigmented concrete facade is brought down with the cores into the ground floor lobby space.
Entrance — a vertical sloping garden is created to extend routes from St James Park straight to the housing clusters.
Section — cutting through the homes on the left, the courtyard, and the core, capturing a holistic view of this living environment.
Courtyard — central courtyard overlooked by the surrounding home, providing a collective sense of belonging for all.

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