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Jess Hodgson — Home Again

Home Again — Circular Regeneration. By Jess Hodgson.



Custom House, Newham, London



To test a new approach to regeneration, which makes efficient use, wherever possible, of existing structures, trees and materials found on site. The memories embedded in the place will be retained, in a strategy that minimises the project’s embodied carbon and allows residents of an established community to remain in their homes.



At present the introverted estate suffers from a lack of overlooking in its public space, and the maze-like street layout makes it feel unsafe. By adding density and by rationalising the streetscape, the masterplan creates a more active and safe environment to foster more social interaction.



While maintaining the resident community, the project also looks to increase the density of the site: new blocks are added, and the efficiency of the existing buildings is increased.



Home Again is a regeneration project that looks to refurbish an existing estate and its public realm and create a more vibrant, active and safe part of the city. 


Individual entrances and private communal garden make better use of under used space which previously had no clear ownership.


Raised walkways, green collonade and changes in materials create a series of thresholds betweeen public and private space


Flexible living space, can change and adapt to different family priorities or times of year


Benches, trees and natural logs and stones protrude into the road change street higherarchy to place people and nature above cars. Street in slightly narrowed at either end to discourage cars from using the street.


Green lawn in the centre of the square is line to the North with play spaces and raised walkway to catch the best daytime light. Green colonade to the East and West boarder homes to create threshold. Trees shade south facing homes to North.
Elevations designed to respond either to the street with brightly coloured tiles or internal gardens and squares with softer timber singles. Brightly coloured tiles then highlight entrances at ground and first floors.

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