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Dante Hall — The People’s Peninsula

Ferry Passage – A thin passage leading down to the banks of the River Thames creates a separation between housing and industry.

The People’s Peninsula — A new urban typology combining housing and industry in London. By Dante Hall.



Leamouth Peninsula, Tower Hamlets



To reintegrate industry within the city and create more liveable and lively neighborhoods. 



London’s current regeneration schemes have become synonymous with the spread of homogenous residential developments.



The People’s Peninsula identifies three typologies of industrial space based on their relationship to the home and uses this to develop a new, better integrated spatial design strategy.



The project aims to inspire a new way of regeneration design, which stops the spread of homogenous residential developments by re-integrating industry into the fabric of the city and re-establishes a dense mix of use to foster neighbourhoods and communities.


Yard – A public staircase provides access to the viewing platform over the River Thames, boatyard, and entrance into the yard.
Yard — a space between the live-adjacent industry and housing is created for outdoor work, access, and deliveries.
Ferry Passage — in the early 1900s, there was public access from site level down to the water’s edge. This project proposes to re-excavate the Ferry Passage, creating an intentional space between the housing and larger industry.
Water’s Edge — the ferry passage creates a path down to the River Thames, re-engaging the public with the water.
Spatial Design Strategy
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
1. Live-in Typology — there is no spatial separation between work and the home.
2. Live-adjacent Typology — there is some spatial separation between work and the home.
3. Live-Nearby Typology — there is a total spatial separation between work and the home.


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