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Daniel Paigge — Work/Park

A secluded and quiet meeting room in a clearing. Natural light from the top of the canopy illuminates the forest floor.

Work/Park — How can the workplace of the future integrate with nature to minimise workplace stress? By Daniel Paigge



The Royal Docks, London Borough of Newham



A workspace for equipping an emergent workforce with the skills to tackle the unprecedented social, environmental and economic issues humanity currently faces.



Work/Park seeks to challenge the sterile, mechanically controlled and unstimulating environments of the conventional urban office development.



Proposing a New World of Work, the project is set within an urban forest where every workspace has plentiful fresh air, natural daylight and space. The forest is cross programmed to be a destination for leisure, fitness and recreation, and links existing parks to the north of the Royal Docks down to the Thames, unlocking the riverfront with a new public park. The interventions on site are a mixture of thermally enclosed buildings, wintergarden spaces, glass planes and timber columns, set within a richly planted landscape of trees.



Work/Park embodies a paradigm shift for monofunctional office development – an exemplar workspace where serendipitous encounters, recreation and cultural vitality are as equally prioritised as productivity.


The workspace of the future is one of low density with plentiful access to daylight, fresh air and nature. Careful manipulation of enclosures blurs outdoor and indoor space.
A mixture of thermally enclosed buildings, wintergarden spaces, glass plane and column, set within a richly planted landscape of trees.
A world of work; set within an urban forest.
A designed wilderness of forest and workspace, creating a public park for Newham and unlocking a new Thames waterfront.
Like the intensely-used presentation spaces of Silicon Valley where talks and ideas are shared, this is a space for knowledge transaction from the intimate setting of the forest floor.
Heated outdoor tables and desk space can be used under the shelter of a high level glass canopy. Below, the workspace buildings blend, almost imperceptibly, into the forest.


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