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Chiara Dognini — MYCO-CITY

MYCO-CITY — An industrial citadel formed from bio-materials. By Chiara Dognini



West Silvertown, London Borough of Newham



To produce mycelium bricks by recycling plastic.



The average daily plastic consumption per person in the UK is 0.21 kg. In London alone, 1,886,220 kg of plastic is produced every day, of which only 1/4 is recycled.



The building’s structure is divided into three areas related to plastic recycling, cultivation of mycelium and brick production, which together form a continuous, closed-loop system. The size of interior spaces is based upon a module of 1000 kg of compressed plastic equalling one cubic meter. This format enables the factory to produce 22,000,000 million bricks-a-day, enough to build 180 two-storey houses.



This innovative industrial system could completely reshape the plastic recycling system and the construction methods. Mycelium bricks could provide a new aesthetic language to future sustainable cities.











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