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Charlie Corciulo — Open Plan

Landfill landscape

Open Plan — Exposing the Planning System. By Charlie Corciulo



Stratford, London Borough of Newham



A provocative architectural approach to exposing the planning system in Stratford.



To encourage collaboration in the design of our immediate vicinities and wider environment.



The proposal focuses on tangible public realm, with physical and visual connections to the activities that make up the planning process to engage the public and form a hub for professionals.



Community voices will be heard and reflected in the design of the city.



Flexible Facade – Shutter panels allow for control over light and ventilation into each space.
Landfill Landscape – providing connection and opportunity.
The building follows the station form, protruding into the public realm, placing its contents on display.
The main entrance when coming from the bridge allows a full display of the levels of the planning system, the large glazed walls sliding up to bring the outside in.
Boundaries are blurred between inside and out, the landscape flowing into the classrooms brings fun and curiosity.
The journey begins in the new public square, the landscape draws you up.
Studios house designers in residence, from architecture practices to graphic designers, exploring methods of urban design and data display that can feed directly into the system.

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