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Carrick Blore — Re:Source

Earth Peel Plastic Jester

Re:Source — A propositional research and development case study for the use of recycled plastic as a building material. By Carrick Blore.



Bridgewater Road, Stratford, Newham, London



One hundred per cent of the project’s materials to be reused without loss of value.



Building materials often end up as waste when no longer needed, destroying ecosystems, which leads to increased environmental costs, and the risk of resource scarcity. To create a sustainable future, the building sector needs to move towards a circular economy.



The scheme’s proposed buildings function as banks of valuable materials, slowing down the usage of resources to a rate that meets the capacity of the planet. Through circular design chains, the buildings – which produce less waste and use less virgin resources – sustain their material value.



Re:Source seeks to lead the way in the building industry, playing a central role in reducing energy consumption and waste across the planet.


Re:Source_Recycled plastic landscape harmoniously blending into the on-site’ off-site factory’, workshop, educational and certification facilities


Poly-park playing and the Plastic Pleasure Gardens
Recycled plastic paths made by local school children leading users, visitors, and community around the landscape
Recycled plastic landscape and buildings becoming intrinsically part of the local context and community
A series of buildings almost completely hidden within a flowing landscape, a recycled plastic poly-park for the whole of London
A sectional cut-through showing the profile of the recycled plastic landscape seamlessly fusing into London’s silhouetted cityscape
Componentising recycled plastic building elements, with the aim to be able to make and build completely self sufficiently onsite
Recycled plastic landscape becomes completely accessible to everyone, yellow paths are only a suggestions of route choice around site
Recycled plastic structural facade components made on site becoming construction elements of the future phased buildings


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