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We asked, you answered: ideas to improve the city in the time of coronavirus

London is currently changing faster and more drastically than ever. Now is a crucial time for us to have a say in how the city is shaped for the future. How can we make the most of this opportunity to improve our city?

We asked you to submit precedents and proposals to as part of the LSA’s #MondayCallout and you responded. The LSA is working with Tactical Space (powered by Future Fox) to help create a global, free bank of tactical and temporary infrastructure measures, to advance knowledge and accelerate progress to a better future. Covid-19 has changed immeasurably the world as we knew it; it is essential to share knowledge rapidly, to help professionals and communities seize the biggest opportunity of our lifetimes to redesign places to unlock wellbeing, climate and economic efficiency benefits worldwide.

Below is a sample of ideas submitted for transforming the city. We will continue to call for ideas — be it built interventions or proposals — so please stay tuned.


In Thamesmead, Project Orange proposes the transforming a concrete flood drain into a water park that is resilient to inundation.
Physical distancing for social enjoyment by PiM.Studio. Using sustainable and bio-degradable grass line paint we can design a temporary layout for reactivating public space in safety.
Car Free London, by Marko&Placemakers reclaims the waterfront of River Thames to create a fast, safe and scenic cycling infrastructure for all Londoners.