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06.05.29 — LSA Live from Lockdown: Against Efficiency with (ab)Normal

Join Marcello Carpino, Mattia Inselvini, Davide Masserini and Luigi Savio of (ab)Normal, for ‘Against Efficiency’ — a discussion exploring the new frontier of communications in architectural innovative language. Don’t miss the online talk at 7pm, 6 May.

(ab)Normal is a Milan-based creative agency focused on design, architecture, scenography and graphic design. Its work centres around evocative and abstract imagery, exploring themes of the Internet, gaming and religion, and has been featured in numerous design publications (including the front cover of Domus magazine). They have also exhibited internationally at events such as Triennale of Milan, the Ljubljana Biennale and The Swiss Architecture Museum.

RSVP is essential. Sign up to the online talk here.