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Degrowth deconstructed at the LSA through the history of skateboarding

Left to right: Dan Paigge (LSA); Chris Allen (Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios); Stuart Maclure (.ing Media and Long Live Southbank)

“Southbank was never a skate park – Southbank is a skate spot”.

The LSA was privileged to have Stuart Maclure and Chris Allen speak at the latest ‘Wednesday Nighter’ — a lecture series organised by the students.

As part of non-profit Long Live Southbank and architecture practice Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios respectively, Stuart and Chris this year completed a six year process of preserving and refurbishing London’s world renowned skate spot — the undercroft at the Southbank Centre. The pair exhibited their work at this year’s Oslo Architecture Triennale, ENOUGH: The architecture of Degrowth, highlighting the importance of truly public space through the history of skateboarding.

Building on this, Chris, Stuart and the students discussed public engagement, rights to the city, protection of culture at risk and designing for appropriation and play.

Thank you to Chris and Stuart for your valuable insight into how design and collaboration can effect real agency in our cities.