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Kingspan Insulation becomes a Founding Partner of the LSA

The Peutz BV research compared construction featuring Kingspan Kooltherm products, including Kingspan Kooltherm K106 Cavity Board, with lower performing mineral fibre insulation.

Kingspan Insulation is a market leading manufacturer of premium and high-performance rigid insulation products and insulated systems for building fabric and building services applications. As evidenced in its contribution to the inaugural issue of Citizen magazine, Kingspan Insulation, as a new Founding Partner of the LSA, will be a valuable resource of construction industry expertise, in terms of practice and research.

As a founding partner within the school, Kingspan Insulation will look to take an active role in its work and to support the students in gaining a clearer idea of how the latest materials can contribute to innovative building design. The company will work with the school to identify the best occasions to share both knowledge and research including bringing students to our sites to gain a better understanding of the whole production process and conducting annual presentations as part of the core course programme.

In doing so, the LSA will make full use of Kingspan Insulation’s insights, like its research into daylighting which highlighted how to keep window reveal depths to a minimum to allow entry of more natural light into buildings while also achieving or exceeding thermal requirements. (This White Paper on daylighting was published in Citizen).

Kingspan Insulation believe that the collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach encouraged by the LSA is fundamental to making the country’s Net Zero emissions goal a reality. By working more closely together, we can create buildings which better meet the diverse needs of the local communities and take advantage of the latest developments in design and production.

‘We are delighted to become a member of the London School of Architecture’s Founding Partner Programme. We fully support the LSA’s mission to address the 21st century challenges and opportunities in the built environment’ says Kingspan Insulation’s Head of Marketing, Lucy Whalley. ‘We look forward to sharing our expertise with the next generation of architects to inspire innovations that contribute to a more sustainable future.’

Find out more about Kingspan Insulation on our Partners page, here.